FAQ on Kindle Malaysia

My most precious device, the KINDLE! It is totally the best invention ever. As fellow Malaysian, it was difficult to get hold on this device and buying from the private distributor here is expensive. I would like to share you guys how I bought it directly from Amazon US myself, which I consider it the cheapest way.

I can only share based on my own experience.

How to buy Kindle from Amazon at Malaysia?

First of all, I buy it using my Maybank Amex credit card. Sorry, I don't have any experience with other credit cards. As Amazon can't ship directly to Malaysia, you have to engage with a third party courier. There is a few available in the market. If you google 'ship from usa to malaysia', you can see a list of option. I used comgateway.com.my. 

What this third party courier service do for you is to provide you with a personal US address. Sign up with them and go through their instruction on how-to-use. Take the US address that they provide and use it as your shipping address for your Amazon account. Remember to pretend you are a US citizen when you set up your Amazon account. This is to ensure you can enjoy the US price for all the item listed in their website. 

After setting up your billing details and shipping address, you can now purchase the Kindle. Once the transaction is successful, Amazon will ship the Kindle for free to your US address (which is provided by the third party courier). They will determine the size and cost of shipping back to Malaysia for you. You will receive an invoice in your email with the shipping cost. My estimated shipping cost for one Kindle is about RM50 in 2014. Once you paid them, you will soon receive your Kindle package at your doorstep. 

Simple isn't it? 

By using this service you can purchase basically anything from US. 

How to buy Amazon ebook for your Kindle in Malaysia?

Same as above, I used my Maybank Amex credit card (by the way I'm not affiliated to Maybank). I purchase the ebook using the credit card and choose option to deliver to my registered Kindle device. I performed this using my laptop. Then I switch on my Kindle wifi and voila! the ebook will be downloaded automatically. This works for free ebook as well. Free books! I love it. 

I no longer attempt to buy ebook directly using my Kindle because previously they manage to track my device all the way in Malaysia and blocked my purchase.

How to get Amazon Freebies?

You don't need to have a Kindle or even reside in US. All you need is the Kindle app that can be download from Amazon, set your address as US. 

If you have more questions, I can try my best to help you.