About Me

I’m Amanda Lee, a hardcore erotic romance reader. This is my blog to keep track of my reading and archive my reviews. I usually spend most my time interacting with like minded ladies over at Goodreads.

I only read romance with happily ever after, which include all subgenre such as contemporary, suspense, thriller, historical, fantasy, paranormal, erotica, BDSM and M/M. I enjoyed hetero and homo as long as it comes with a pre-requisite HEA.
  • I love reading smut, the more erotic and dirtier the better
  • I love violence, the more blood and gore the better
  • I need 'happily ever after'. I will threaten the author with hate mail if she didn't give me a happy ending. *joking*
  • .... nonetheless I also enjoyed some tame romance once awhile if is really GOOD.
  • I don't read New Adult or Young Adult unless highly recommended by my trusted friends.
I live with my husband, my two kids and three totally un-adorable mutts. I have a very close relationship with Goodreads that makes me into full on stalker mode. Goodreads to me is like Facebook to an average Joe. While, my Kindle is as important to me as my right arm.

Besides reading and working, I spend my remaining time watching TV shows such as Bones, Game of Thrones and New Girl. I also love doing Sex and the City marathon annually. My favorite superhero is Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr.'s facial hair is simply irresistible. I love listening to One Republic and Imagine Dragons.

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