About Me

I’m Amanda Lee, a hardcore MM romance reader (recently dabbled into BL webcomics). This is my blog to keep track of my reading and archive my reviews. I have a day job that pay the bills, but I prefer spending time interacting with like-minded ladies over at Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

I only read story with happily ever after, which include all subgenre such as contemporary, suspense, thriller, historical, fantasy, paranormal, erotica and BDSM.
  • I love reading smut, the more erotic and dirtier the better
  • I love violence, the more blood and gore the better
  • I need 'happily ever after'. I will threaten the author with hate mail if she didn't give me a happy ending.
  • .... nonetheless, I also enjoyed some tame romance once awhile if is really GOOD.
  • I don't read New Adult or Young Adult unless highly recommended by my trusted friends.
I live with my husband, my two kids and three totally un-adorable mutts.

Besides reading and working, I spend my remaining time (mostly none) watching TV shows such as Bones, Game of Thrones and New Girl. I also love doing Sex and the City marathon annually. My favourite superhero is Iron Man because Robert Downey Jr.'s facial hair is simply irresistible. I love listening to One Republic and Imagine Dragons.

You can connect with me at: