Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Blog Tour Review: Speak No Evil by J. R. Gray

Speak No Evil
by J.R. Gray
Release Date: March 28, 2019
Genre: M/M Romantic Suspense

Weston doesn’t believe in voodoo but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in him. His life and family were steeped in the stuff and it was fine, until voodoo took everything from him, ripped his life from his grasp. And when it swallowed whole the person he loved most he had to escape.

But there were consequences. His voodoo goddess wasn’t going to let go of him so easily, and her revenge was the pinnacle of evil. He could have dealt with something like impotence or boils, but this was purely depraved. She came for him and hit him where it hurts. She might as well have taken his guns.

Weston found himself unable to lie. A hitman who can’t lie. What a joke.

When his handler throws him a bone, a job that requires no interaction only observation, Weston takes it. He should be able to do this in his sleep, but he’s off his game. He gets way too close. Nothing is as it seems, and someone else, maybe someone worse than him, is stalking his mark. But he can’t leave the kid high and dry. Not when Eli is all he can think about.

This is my first book by JR Gray and holy shit balls, this is incredible and going into my list of top reads of the year. I have a thing for hitman, so there's that, but Weston and Eli really stood out to me. 

Weston is a hitman with the worst luck ever since he broke up with his wife. He had been cursed by the scorned ex, who is totally cray cray. I've read some crazy exes, but Ava takes the cake. Weston is having all the bad juju and although I feel bad for him, I also find it hilarious to see his suffering. I'm such a sadist and Weston is the kind of character that is easy to make fun of. 

Eli is a Coast Guard and he also facing his own set of problem that will threaten his job and safety. These two men, each with one foot in the closet door and the worst of luck got together was just epic with bullet flying and everything. 

I just love the way they bicker about everything from who is topping who, about gun fetish to opinion on furniture. They might not know each other well, but they bicker like husbands who find the other half truly annoying, but love him anyway. I will always remember the funniest scene in the book when Weston was high and off his rocker at the hospital and Eli trying to break him out without strangling Weston himself. There are simply too many instances whereby I was making all the weird faces in front of my kindle trying to avoid laughing out loud and my husband looking over at me making sure I'm still sane. 

The suspense and the mystery keep me guessing till the end. My mind keep thinking 'What the hell is happening??', 'why is the wife so crazy?', someone please explain to me STAT because I need answers! I had no idea whether this will be a standalone or a series, but finger crossed I'm hoping the author will announce the sequel soon because I couldn't get enough of these two and there are things still unresolved. 

Eli wobbled but didn’t back off. “You know what I’m talking about.” He stabbed a finger into Weston’s ribs. “I saw the way you stared in there.”
 Weston shook his head. The gleam in Eli's eyes, that slight edge to his voice, made Weston decide to go for broke. Straight military guys seemed to be the most homophobic people he’d met, but Eli seemed to be into this—into him. He would end up getting hit if he was wrong, and his excuse to get close to his mark might blow up in his face, but he couldn’t stop the words that came out of his mouth.  
“You liked it.” He had a few inches on him and was thicker all around. He wasn’t worried. 
“If I did?” Eli challenged, reaching up and fisting a hand in Weston’s shirt. 
“Then I guess you won’t mind this.” Weston grabbed Eli’s neck, using the leverage to press his lips against the mouth that had haunted him for a week and taunted him for the past hour. He fully expected to be shoved into the wall or hit in the face, so he kept his eyes open and his hand near his knife just in case. 
Using the grip on Weston’s shirt, Eli did just that, shoving him against the wall. Weston gripped the hilt of his knife, inching it out of its sheath, but Eli leaned further into Weston and parted his lips, giving into the assaulting kiss. He flicked his tongue over Weston’s bottom lip to lure his tongue out to play. Weston’s stomach turned with nervous energy, and he groaned. His cock tightened behind his zipper. Eli tasted better than he looked, cloves with a hint of jet fuel, tinged with bourbon. 
He released his hold on the knife and slid his hand around Eli’s waist. Eli kept his grip on his shirt and used his free hand to cup Weston's face, groaning into his mouth. They stayed locked together in the dim alley, exploring each other. 
Weston flushed with heat. Desire flooded through his veins. He let himself forget that Eli was a mark. Kissing Eli was better than any sex he'd ever had. He kept Weston on his toes, nipping and biting ‘til his lips were swollen, only to delve his tongue into Weston’s mouth to twist and battle with his own. 
Weston was breathless when they finally broke apart. His lungs were on fire as he tried to breathe normally and regain control of his pounding heart. “Well, that wasn’t what I expected.” 
“I think it’s better to keep your type off balance.” Eli grabbed Weston’s hair, bringing their mouths together controlling the speed and direction 
Weston’s lips parted, welcoming Eli’s persistent tongue into his mouth again. Eli pulled them apart again but lingered against Weston as his chest heaved. “Nightcap?”
Weston’s heart stopped in his chest, and he swallowed hard. His fingers reached for his holster, needing to feel the metal, but Eli’s body pressed against his made it impossible. 
“Lead the way,” Weston said with his cock.

About J.R. Gray: Gray is a cynical Chicago native, who drinks coffee all day, barely sleeps, and is a little too fashion obsessed. He writes realistic and damaged characters because everyone deserves a happily ever after.