Friday, March 1, 2019

Review: Halo by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

(Fallen Angel #1)
by Ella Frank,  Brooke Blaine
Genre: M/M Rockstar Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2019

Massive world tours. Over a hundred million albums sold. Groupies galore.

Every day is a party for Viper and the guys of TBD, the biggest rock band in the world. But it all comes to a screeching halt when the lead singer walks out of the studio one day and never comes back.

Ear-blistering vocals. Butchered lyrics. Fame chasers.

After months of lackluster auditions, Viper, the lead guitarist and resident bad boy of the group, is ready to find solace in the bottom of a bottle. Time’s running out and the pressure’s on to find a new singer, but it isn’t until an angel walks through the door that the band’s prayers are answered.

Charismatic. Talented. Magic behind the mic. Halo is everything they’ve been looking for.

With a voice to match his stunning good looks, it isn’t long before Viper’s taking notice. But there are several reasons this is a bad idea:

1. Interpersonal relationships in the band are discouraged

2. Viper has already broken rule #1—big mistake

3. Halo is straight

Too bad Viper’s body isn’t listening to his head—at least not the one on his shoulders. But you can’t fake chemistry, not onstage and certainly not off it, and Viper and Halo? They have it in spades.

As both men try to resist the fire blazing between them, and the band is forced to reinvent themselves, it’ll be a complicated rise back to the top. But from the ashes of what was, something beautiful is born. Something better. And when the world finally sees Halo stretch his wings, they’ll discover what it’s like to fall for an angel.

Halo is a story about the TBD band. The band that Trent from A Little Bit like Desire left behind. I read that book first, so I have a fond feeling for Trent and I'm not amused that TBD's lead guitarist, Viper, keep talking smack about Trent. Chill out dude.

Halo is TBD new frontman and new hope to resurrect their band. Halo is still wet around the ears, but he was painted as a music prodigy. The band was in awe especially Viper. I love the fact that the band is united and embraced Halo, but I feel that all the pressure was pile on him alone. I hope to see more contribution coming from the others as well.

Viper came off as the typical rockstar with an attitude and a drinking problem. The way he is drinking all the damn time no matter the occasion just make me worried he might had an issue. He came off as a man slut who just wanted to corrupt Halo. The way he try to tease and seduce his way can either be label as enticing or predatory, but since Halo succumb to his charm, I guess it works. I'm looking to more depth to his character, he needs to be more than just a sexy as sin guitarist that make your knickers melt and converted a straight guy to the other team.

Yes, Halo was straight. He was surprised to be tempted by Viper, but there isn't that much struggle or angst on his part. I mean the prolonged sexual tension was delicious and damn if they didn't make me wish they just do it already, but Halo didn't try to force himself to stay straight. I feel that the main reason he didn't act on earlier was probably because Viper is his bandmate instead of Viper is a man.

I'm looking forward to reading this trilogy that will be completed in two months time. No, there isn't any cliffhanger in Book 1. I'm pretty sure the rest of the story will be about Halo and the band rise to stardom, hopefully with more drama thrown in. I don't just want to read about their rich and fabulous life, drinking and fending off groupies. I have high expectation from this writing duo.