Monday, February 18, 2019

Review: Taming Teddy by Lucy Lennox

Taming Teddy
(Made Marian #2)
by Lucy Lennox
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: December 11, 2016

Teddy: If there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s commitment. You don’t become an award-winning photographer by staying in one place. I’m always on the road, looking for the next shot, the next award, the next hot body. Which is how I end up on Dr. James Marian’s front porch in the middle-of-nowhere Alaska. He’s known as the Wildlife Whisperer, and I want to photograph him in action. He’s reluctant at first, but I can be persuasive.

Soon enough I have him in bed saying yes over and over and over again, but my ability to shoot and scoot is frozen by a Denali snowstorm.

Jamie: I always thought of myself as the marrying type. Until I got left at the altar. Now I have a new motto: never commit and never fall in love. So when a cocky nature photographer decides I’m the key to his next masterpiece, it seems like the perfect arrangement: the hotshot’s only in town for a brief assignment and then he’ll be gone. No commitment, no strings, and no chance of getting my heart broken again.

There’s just one problem: I think I’m falling in love. Now I’m afraid that maybe I’m the marrying type after all. And he definitely is not.

Fair warning: Jamie and Teddy's story contains scenes of delicious man parts touching, Aunt Tilly dropping F-bombs, and two stubborn hearts finding each other in the wilds of Alaska.

While it can also be read on its own, Taming Teddy is the second in the new Made Marian series. Each book tells the story of one of the Marian brothers' search for true love. The first in the series, Borrowing Blue, is available now on Amazon.

I wonder am I the only rare one who actually love this book more than Borrowing Blue. I know Jamie and Teddy have issue, the misunderstanding, the distance and etc etc, but I find myself rooting for them more than the previous couple. 

Teddy is a wildlife photographer who keep pestering Jamie, the wildlife whisperer to allow him to take some photo shoot of Jamie at work. Teddy is very charming and funny and he cooks, so Jamie's cold heart was thaw in minutes and proceed to get into Teddy's pants. The sexy banter, the humor are on point. I can't keep a straight face while reading about them trying to make each other laugh. 

Jamie was ditched at the altar and he vowed to get fuck, but not get feelings this time. His Operation Get Fucked was funny as hell with Teddy at the other side of the continent trying to talk him out of it. Yeah, Jamie live in the freaking Alaska, so geographic is a major issue here with Teddy having to leave and all that. However, these two are perfect together even with the distance, but they are so adamant to keep things casual. I just wanted to smash their heads together sometime. 

The misunderstanding part makes me cringe and sad, but I'm not going to say that it didn't thrill me when they finally figure out the truth and subsequently work at getting their HEA. Jamie and Teddy's relationship have slightly more drama and angst even without the crazy Marian family, but it just make me feel more emotionally invested in them.