Thursday, January 31, 2019

Review: The Brat and the Bossman by Rebecca James

The Brat and the Bossman
(The Hedonist #3)
by Rebecca James
Release Date: January 12, 2019
Genre: M/M Romance

Kicked to the curb by his wealthy parents, Lake Adams works four jobs just to get by. When handsome Blaze Harrington walks back into his life, Lake doesn't have the time to flirt. Besides, the first time they had met, the sexy biker had turned Lake down. Now Blaze seems interested, but in more than just a one-nighter.

And Lake isn't boyfriend material.Ever since his older brother died, Blaze has run the Hedonist Motorcycle Club. He also owns a porn company, Hard Time Productions. When he decides to merge with another company, he's surprised to find his new business partner's PA is Lake Adams, the feisty, sharp-tongued young man Blaze had met at a party over a year ago. Blaze has come to terms with a lot of things since then and, after some initial uncertainty, wants to give dating Lake a try. But the guy's burning the candle at both ends and determined not to make things easy for Blaze. However, the more Blaze sees of Lake, the more he's convinced the man is worth the effort.

And Blaze is a determined man.

There is just something about this series that keep me coming back for more. I actually like this Book 3 much more that the previous 2. Blaze, the President seems like all around nice guy despite being painted as the manwhore who went through countless women. When he set his eyes on Lake though, Blaze seems committed to pursue the little brat who just get under his skin. Lake was going through some rough patch after being disowned by his family. I was a bit confused with the timeline on his predicament. Lake said he was disowned almost 8 years ago, but we saw him at Dante's party just a year or two ago. I wonder how did he end up at the party and he seems to turn into a totally different person when Blaze meet him again in present time. 

The romance was enjoyable with some hurt/comfort theme when Lake's past resurface and he had to face his demon with Blaze by his side. I love seeing the protective side of Blaze and his genuine attempt to date Lake instead of seeing Lake as a sex object to explore his own bisexuality. 

The whole Tony/Cane and Ax/Caleb's pairing are a great tease. All I want to know is when the next two books are coming out cause I just can't wait to see how the two pair of them played out. 

Ironically, the only thing I don't care about in a MC romance is the MC. The club's dispute with the rivals gang and possible danger isn't engaging. Granted, it was not the major story arc and seems to serve as a subplot to remind us that yes, The Hedonist is a MC.