Thursday, November 8, 2018

Jilted by Lilah Suzanne

by Lilah Suzanne
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: November 8, 2018

Carter’s fiancĂ© is in love with someone else. Link has just been left at the altar. After bonding over mutual heartbreak at the would-be reception’s open bar, Link and Carter pass out in the honeymoon suite—and are mistaken for the happy newlywed couple the next morning. Reluctant to deal with the fallout from their breakups, they embark on an exciting week of fake honeymooning, during which Carter starts to have real feelings for Link. A genderqueer artist who lives life by their own rules, Link inspires Carter to build a new future. Against the eclectic and electric backdrop of New Orleans, Carter and Link have to decide if a second chance at love is in the cards, or if they’re only meant to be sidelined in someone else’s story.

I'm a sucker for fake relationship book and the blurb was enticing enough to make me read it. I'm surprised by Link's character as a non-binary person using 'they/them' pronounce. I don't have much experience with this, but it definitely doesn't bother me. But for readers who assume this is m/m, they might be mistaken. During my previous honeymoon theme read, the author also spent quite some page time describing the touristy things, which I find myself enjoying very much. Call me a travel bug, I love reading about travelling and it makes me want to hit the spot during my next vacation. 

Most of the relationship development took part at the second half of the book. Overall, pretty low angst and a little bit sweet, but I didn't find myself quite emotionally connected with their characters and their outcome. Link is an enigma that I couldn't really understand, Carter doesn't seems like an overly interesting character. I wonder if this might work better if being told from Link's POV because I feel that Link is a much more compelling character to explore. 

Lilah Suzanne is the author of Amazon bestseller Broken Records, part of the Spotlight series along with Burning Tracks and Blended Notes. Lilah also authored Spice, the novellas Pivot & Slip and After the Sunset, and the short story Halfway Home, which was featured in the holiday anthology If the Fates Allow. A writer from a young age, Lilah resides in North Carolina and mostly enjoys staying indoors, though sometimes ventures out for concerts, museum visits, and quiet walks in the woods.