Friday, June 8, 2018

Review: Tripping Over You: Vol 2 by Owen White and Suzana Harcum

Tripping Over You: Volume Two 
(Tripping Over You #2)
by Owen White,  Suzana Harcum
Genre: M/M Webcomic
Release Date: 2014

Growing up is an awkward waltz. It's enough of a challenge to balance a relationship between two people. Expect missteps when preparing for university - and accidentally bringing family into the routine.

Volume two contains chapters five and six of an ongoing love story about how tense (and amusing) it can be to foster love in an unexpected place.

Vol 2 came with full colour and I might need to adjust my eyes to get used to the popping effect. The colours are gorgeous. The story continues with Milo and Liam at their final year of boarding school. They are now officially dating, but Liam wanted their relationship to be on the down low. They finally had sex (yippee!), but if I were to use a romance novel analogy, it was 'fade to black'. I wish there is an 18+ version out there. I love my NSFW material. Liam is always guarded and close off, but they seem to have more heart to heart conversation going on now. I really appreciate the bonus content at the end, it really explains a lot about their background and family dynamic.