Thursday, May 24, 2018

Review: Tripping Over You vol 1 by Owen White and Suzana Harcum

Tripping Over You: The Blue Book 
(Tripping Over You #1)
by Owen White,  Suzana Harcum
Genre: Comics, M/M Romance, Young Adult
Release Date: January 1, 2013

Growing up is an awkward waltz. Between discovering sexuality, pleasing a strict parent, and fitting in with peers, the task of starting a relationship can seem impossible not to trip over. Add the uncertainty of whether or not you should date someone and you're in for a roller coaster of blossoming neuroses.

The Blue Book is the first four chapters of an ongoing love story about how hard, and amusing, it can be to find love in unexpected places.

This is my first attempt at reviewing a webcomic. I never actually read the comic on the web and decided to only start when the paperback copies arrived. I bought vol 1-3 at one go and from the flip through I can see there are some changes to the style throughout the years. One distinct difference is that vol 1 is not in full color. I thought I wouldn't like it as much, but boy I was wrong. I really dig the 'monochrome'? I know don't what they called it, but is this shade of blueish/greenish color that looks very pleasant to the eyes.

This story revolves around Milo and Liam in high school. There isn't much background to the story, so at the beginning, it feels a little awkward and my head was full of questions. However, it gets better from Chapter 2 onwards. Milo is instantly likable and I love his curly hair. This is a visual source, so I should comment on aesthetics appearance, right? On the other hand, Liam had a more prickly attitude and he had some bad habits. Ahem. I have so many questions about Liam, which I hope will be answered in the following books. As for the romance front, Milo acted fast and there are plenty of smooches, which I fully appreciate.