Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review: Femme by Marshall Thornton

(Femme #1)
by Marshall Thornton
Release Date: July 28, 2016
Genre: M/M Romance

Queeny cocktail waiter, Lionel, wakes up to find himself in bed with Dog, a straight-acting softball player and the two embark on a rocky road to romance. A journey that requires coming out of the closet, going into the closet, a pair of red high heels, many pairs of red high heels, a failed intervention, a couple of aborted dates, and homemade pom-poms. Mostly, Lionel and Dog learn what it means to be a man.

I finished this few weeks ago and totally forgot about writing a review. This is one of the rare ones that hardly have any sex in it and I totally didn't mind because the writing is very engaging. This story revolves around femme-phobia. Doug is someone who just recently come to terms with his sexuality and still in the closet in his family, but he joined a queer softball team to feel a sense of belonging. Too bad his team leader is a total asshole. When Doug found himself attracted to a femme waiter, there were all kinds of dilemmas in his head. Femme boy get such a bad rap in the LGBTQ community and that's just sad, but Lionel is someone who is very proud and confident about himself. He is fearless and that's what I love most about these femme boys. 

I find Doug and Lionel's relationship absolutely adorable and endearing. Doug keeps being an unintentional jerk because of self-preservation and Lionel keep forgiving him. There was a point whereby I want Lionel to stop letting Doug get away with everything, but then I ended up wanted to give Doug a big hug and forgive him for every transgression. 

This is not only a romantic comedy about two individuals with a vastly different personality that ended up together, I find the message here very powerful about staying true to yourself.