Thursday, March 15, 2018

Review: Fit to be Tied by Mary Calmes

Fit to be Tied 
(Marshals #2)
by Mary Calmes
Genre: M/M Suspense
Release Date: September 18, 2015

Deputy US Marshals Miro Jones and Ian Doyle are now partners on and off the job: Miro’s calm professionalism provides an ideal balance to Ian’s passion and quick temper. In a job where one misstep can be the difference between life and death, trust means everything. But every relationship has growing pains, and sometimes Miro stews about where he stands with his fiery lover. Could the heartstrings that so recently tied them together be in danger of unraveling?

Those new bonds are constantly challenged by family intrusions, well-intentioned friends, their personal insecurities, and their dangerous careers—including a trial by fire when an old case of Miro’s comes back to haunt them. It might just be enough to make Ian rethink his decision to let himself be tied down, and Miro can only hope the links they've forged will be strong enough to hold.

The second book for Miro and Ian is just as good as the first. Miro and Ian are now partners in work and in bed. I just love this couple so much, definitely right up the alley along my favorites with the like of Ty and Zane. In fact, I might like this series more because of the right amount of humor mixed with suspense and the emotional angst is lesser.

We still only have Miro's POV, so I'm very curious about what is Ian thinking all the time. This man isn't really vocal unless is to voice out his displeasure, but Miro had a way to dig out everything from Ian's mind. These men can really fight and they argue all the time, which usually will frustrate me to no end, but in this case, we knew all the fights they are having is because they love each other desperately. With the kind of work environment they are living in, is no surprise that adrenaline and emotion run high.

This time around, Miro and Ian have to move out of state to avoid a certain psychopath and they both went for undercover op, which is interesting. I'm apprehensive towards the possible torture scene that was alluded, but honestly, it isn't graphic, so don't worry too much. However, I still hurts for Miro because I love him so. Who doesn't love those hurt/comfort scene, especially between Miro and Ian. I'm sorry Miro got torture, but I like how everything pans out.