Friday, March 9, 2018

Review: All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes

All Kinds of Tied Down
(Marshals #1)
by Mary Calmes
Genre: M/M Suspense
Release Date: July 4, 2014

Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones has a reputation for being calm and collected under fire. These traits serve him well with his hotshot partner, Ian Doyle, the kind of guy who can start a fight in an empty room. In the past three years of their life-and-death job, they've gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends. Miro’s cultivated blind faith in the man who has his back… faith and something more.

As a marshal and a soldier, Ian’s expected to lead. But the power and control that brings Ian success and fulfillment in the field isn't working anywhere else. Ian’s always resisted all kinds of tied down, but having no home—and no one to come home to—is slowly eating him up inside. Over time, Ian has grudgingly accepted that going anywhere without his partner simply doesn't work. Now Miro just has to convince him that getting tangled up in heartstrings isn't being tied down at all.

I finally decided to start on this series after learning that Book 4 will be out this month. This book 1 is amazing. Love the initial bromance between Miro and Ian. They are so different yet so well suited together. They have only been partners for 3 years but they are obviously joined at the hip. So much touchy feely between them and Ian is SO clingy. 

The entire book is told from Miro's POV and he is consider the level headed one in their partnership. He had been lusting after his straight partner for years and the unrequited love hurt so much is so good. Miro's POV is a gem, you can't not love this guy. Ian is more of a lovable ass, he can be impulsive and cranky at times, but he is very protective of Miro, so is all good to me. 

As Marshals, most of their assignment are short term, thus we are introduced to a lot of different cases and characters. It does get confusing and I find it hard to keep track of what is happening when they are discussing about their current case. But I still very much enjoy the action, especially the case regarding the two gay teenagers. 

The best moment is to see Miro and Ian finally get together for real. I thought the switch from 'best friends' to 'lovers' was a bit drastic considering that Ian was straight. But after reading more about Ian's dilemma, it seems like he had been thinking about this for so long, I started to embrace their relationship wholeheartedly. Overall, this book has it all, humor, suspense, action and most importantly love.