Monday, February 26, 2018

Review: Under His Stiletto by K. A. Merikan

Under His Stiletto
by K.A. Merikan
Release Date: February 24, 2018
Genre: M/M Romance

--- No discipline until you’ve had your greens! ---

Mike doesn’t like overcomplicating things. At thirty two, he’s nowhere near settling down and divides his time between his construction job and the pub. Then his life becomes everything but simple when his coworkers catcall the wrong person, and Mike ends up punished for it. Which doesn’t seem all that bad, since he loves punishment and discipline.

Loves it so much in fact, that he will do anything for more licks from the sexy crossdresser’s belt.

Living in a state of perfect domestic bliss where he does as he’s told, and in turn gets freshly baked cookies and his laundry done, lines blur all too quickly, and it might just be Momma not Mike who is skittish about relationships.

Despite all the hoops he has to jump through, nothing can scare Mike away, because he is a good boy and he will prove it no matter what punishments Momma has him endure!

Themes: commitment issues, discipline, crossdressing, role-play, dirty talk, punishments, identity, spanking, bullying
Genre: M/M contemporary romance, BDSM
Length: ~22,000 words (standalone story)

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo role-play. Explicit content, strong language, discipline. Reader discretion advised. 

I can't believe I have mommy kink. Nope, I will vehemently denied it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was possessed while reading this one. Previously, I've tried daddy kink and so far, non actually turned me on, even though I did enjoyed those story. 

Under His Stiletto actually was a full on mommy kink role play, which doesn't only confined to the bedroom. Although Mike was seriously turned on during every of their interaction, some of the scenes aren't actually sexually in nature. Mike loves being pampered and discipline by his 'mommy'. Does he had a mommy issue, I wouldn't know, he seems like a very sexual creature and a man who are confident to ask for what he needs. 

Jeremy aka Mommy, is a full time transvestite and someone who might lost faith in relationship. Jeremy loves wielding power, but he also want to embrace his feminine side. Although Mike seems interested and very eager to be with him and in fact love all his quirkiness, he is still wary about trusting another person.

When I started reading this and the role play begin, I treated it as a novelty. YOLO, right? But as thing progress and get more heated, I was surprised that I was turned on by them. In fact, I wish that this is a full length book to see how their lifestyle merge with real life because right now they pretty much live in a cocoon of domestic bliss. Nonetheless, still a very satisfying HFN/HEA.