Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: His Treasure Hunting Billionaire by Vanessa Mulberry

His Treasure Hunting Billionaire
by Vanessa Mulberry
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: August 22, 2017

Billionaire reality star Ted Arthur needs a fake boyfriend for his fake vacation. Since his rise to fame on Treasures of the Deep, the paparazzi haven’t left him alone, but now he’s close to discovering the Santa Ana—a legendary treasure wreck worth, by his reckoning, five hundred million dollars. Paranoid he’ll lose the chance to discover the galleon, he needs a cover story for the dive.

Peter Smart just wants a job for the summer vacation before he starts his PhD specializing in Marine Archeology. When he joins the crew of Ted’s superyacht he has no idea he’s there to fake a relationship for the paparazzi, or that his employer is a billionaire.

Peter’s academic background clashes with Ted’s work, but Ted’s smitten by the sexy young man he’s hired, and Peter falls hard for his handsome employer. Can they overcome Ted’s paranoia and Peter’s prejudice and find love in the Mediterranean sunshine or will their romance sink without a trace?

I'm interested in this whole fake couple shenanigans, but I find Ted and Peter didn't have much opportunity to fake anything beside of a short moment on the deck with them whispering sweet nothing to each other.

Ted is a billionaire reality star who got his fortune from hunting treasure wreck. He had a whole crew who sail with him and the captain Jenny seems to be his partner and close friends for decades. I just don't understand why isn't Jenny getting half the money out of it. Now Ted is on the hunt for next treasure and he needs a fake boyfriend to put the paparazzi off the scent. Who knew treasure hunting can be so competitive.

Peter is a student looking for a summer job and the last thing he expect is the guy he was hitting on at the bar the night before turned out to be his new boss. Peter is torn between flattered that he had the potential to be a fake boy toy and insulted that he appeared to be selling his body. Turns out Peter was the only one on the yacht that needs to be permanently on swim trunk. Does the fake boyfriend needs to appear hot and half naked all the time?

This seems to progress quite quickly once Peter understand Ted's motivation and mission. There isn't much of an emotional connection or even that much chemistry, the sex just happened between these two who lust after each other. I think they hardly know each other and I don't know them either. That's the reason I usually need more background information on the characters. The sex itself are explicit, but too short. It seems to be over in minutes. 

Ted and Peter as separate entity are likable characters, but as a couple, there isn't much supporting material to work on. All of a sudden, Peter realize he was in love was a bit too much and too soon. Ted was betrayed by his ex-boyfriend previously and trusting Peter so soon seems like not a good move. Maybe if they declare their love for each other in an epilogue few months down the road, it will be more believable.