Monday, August 28, 2017

Blog Tour Review: Survivor by T. M. Smith

by T.M Smith
Genre: M/M Romance
Release: August 22, 2017

Taylor Langford’s world is torn apart when he is only thirteen years old—his parents killed, leaving him alone and orphaned. With no living relatives, he’d certainly be another statistic if not for the intervention of the policeman who found Taylor in the crawl space where his mother hid him that fateful night. Despite the tragedy and resulting anguish in his life, Taylor knows how lucky he is.

Frank Moore is a rookie with the Dallas Police Department when he and his partner answer a call in Devonshire, one of the city’s more affluent neighborhoods. They think the young boy in various pictures throughout the home has been kidnapped until they find him, shaken but alive. Officer Moore recognizes the pain in the kid’s eyes, having lost his own mother to cancer when he was just a boy. He steps in, making sure Taylor is placed with a loving foster family. Over the years, Frank becomes a permanent fixture in Taylor’s life.

A decade later, the case remains unsolved and the once gangly, uncertain teenager is now a college graduate who knows exactly what he wants. He’s coming home to the man that helped mold and shape his life, the man he’s loved for as long as he can remember, Frank Moore. But Taylor isn’t the only person returning to Dallas, and while Frank is distracted by his own conflicting feelings and the new bond growing between the two, the past creeps up on them, determined to finish what was started ten years earlier.

A note from the author…

I hope you enjoy Frank and Taylor’s story. It’s been a long road to get them settled, but I’m happy with where this story has taken them. When I started this book, the intent was to write a stand-alone story, but that has changed. Characters continually evolve throughout the writing process, and there are several characters in the book that want to tell their story. I’ve grown especially fond of Rory and I can’t wait to write his book, which will take us back to when he first joined the Bureau, and continue on to his happy ever after.

Please be advised: This is a May/December romance, and as in life, there are sexual situations that take place prior to the main characters finding their way to one another. This is not gratuitous; it is meant to show character growth and self-realization. There is absolutely no cheating.

I've never tried T. M. Smith before and the blurb really intrigue me. There isn't much age gap between Taylor and Frank, but due to the situation of their first meeting, with Taylor being a orphaned teenager and Frank, the rookie cop that saved him, Frank does give me the whole guardian angel vibe.

The prologue was exciting, the carnage that happened to Taylor's family and we are left wondering what the hell had happened and the villain seems creepy. Frank was instantly likable being the hero who pulled a frightened Taylor to his arms. 

However, subsequent chapter that detailed the years Taylor growing up around Frank was a bit tedious. We did get to understand the dynamic between all the characters, which include Caleb and his wife Justine, but I wish we can just jump straight to adult Taylor already. 

To me is a serious romance faux pas to write explicit sex scene of the main characters having sex with other people. I consider myself quite forgiving in the fact that I can look passed them having a sexual relation with others before they are committed to each other. But I don't need the details, this is TMI. Some thing are better keep in the background or fade to black. At one point, Frank was thinking about Taylor in a totally non platonic way and then the next he was having the time of his life with his hook up buddy and even complimenting on his ass. 

Back to the suspense plot, which I rather delved into, the creepy bad guy is still lurking around the corner after all these years. Seriously, what's up with that and I really need to know the truth behind the murder of Taylor's parent. The build up was good, as I said, especially the prologue. However, the way it was solved a bit anti-climatic. 

Romance part got better after they get together despite the age gap (which I think is not that big, anyway) and their relation to each other. Frank was so used to referring to Taylor as 'kid' that it does feel awkward that he want to sleep with his kid. Things even got a little sappy, which fit me just right. 

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel. 

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

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