Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review: My Anti-Valentine by D. J. Jamison

My Anti-Valentine 
(My Anti-Series #1)
by D.J. Jamison
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: January 21, 2017

Jaded by relationships gone wrong, Bret throws an anti-Valentine's Day party to celebrate being single and burn his ex-boyfriends belongings. Who needs a commercialized holiday that only serves to make you feel bad about your relationship status, anyway? But not everyone at his party agrees. The cute blond guy who could be a member of a boy band challenges Bret, calling him bitter, and the truth comes spilling out: Bret's low interest in sex has destroyed every relationship he's had and tarnished his view of romance.

Harry is tired of fast hook-ups and meaningless sex, but finding a guy who wants a serious commitment has been a challenge. When he meets the cute hipster throwing an anti-Valentine's Day party, he's immediately charmed. But when he learns Bret is graysexual -- willing to have sex only occasionally in the right circumstances -- he's leery of making promises he can't keep. He doesn't want to break Bret's heart or his own, but can he really walk away from a chance at real love?

This s a novella of approximately 17,600 words.

This is short, funny and sweet. I really like the idea that one of the hero is graysexual. It seems like a such a big deal in romance where by default fictional characters can't keep their hands off each other more than an hour and need to fuck like rabbits, but I guess in real life, there are people who are too busy or not in the mood for sex all the time, ie. Me!

Bret hates Valentine's, the day that reminded him of multiple failed relationship because he is graysexual. Why did people thinks he needs to show his love by having sex constantly? Bret is not totally celibate, but he is rarely in the mood for sex. During the Anti-Valentine's Day party that he organized, he met Harry and they got into a heated debate about love and Valentine's Day. 

Harry and Bret simply clicked together and they compliment each other so well. Bret is totally interested, but can Harry dare take a chance at relationship with someone like Bret? Will their relationship doomed to fail? 

I think this is an interesting take in romance and I like how they both worked out their relationship and make some compromise. I definitely wouldn't mind picking up a similar theme full length novel if there is any.