Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blog Tour Review: Smitty's Sheriff by Cardeno C.

Smitty's Sheriff 
(Hope #3)
by Cardeno C.
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: July 17, 2017

Todd is too flakey. Richard is too stubborn. Together, they're perfect. A May-December couple get a second chance at love.

Retired soldier Richard Davis wants a stable life in a quiet town with a forever man. Becoming the sheriff of Hope, Arizona, accomplishes two of his three goals, but instead of finding a serious partner, he falls for too-young-to-be-committed and too-flakey-to-be-serious Todd Smitty. Richard won’t find the right man if he’s obsessed with the wrong one, so he walks away from Todd.

It’s lust at first sight when Todd meets his sister’s army friend. He sets his sights on the worldly, strong, stable older man, and the more time he spends with Richard, the harder he falls. But after three years together, Richard cuts off all contact with no explanation.

When a mutual obligation requires Todd to move into Richard’s house, he’s thrilled at the opportunity to earn a second chance. Ignoring Todd from across town was hard enough. Can Richard resist temptation under his own roof?

Richard, the town Sheriff and Todd, the flighty young man seems to have a history that span three years of hooked up. But Richard put a brake into their non-relationship because he can't deal with Todd being a flighty youngster. I don't blame Richard at all, he seems to know what he wants and he thinks he can't get it with Todd. Absolutely fine with me.

Todd had been crushing hard on Richard and when he had an opportunity to stay at Richard's guesthouse for three months, he jumped at the chance. Todd not only seems young, he even act like a naive little boy sometimes. He crave Richard's attention and guidance, which is bordering on D/s. Too bad the whole D/s didn't extend to the bedroom, or else it might have been hot.

I know a lot of people had issue with Richard. He seems to demand too much, but didn't communicate his desire to Todd. But I am thinking Todd is a head case as well. He seems to think is perfectly fine to sleep around when he is bored, even though he want something more with Richard. Like seriously! He needs Richard to spell out 'm.o.n.o.g.a.m.y.' for him to get it.

This couple is just too much nuisance for me to feel emotionally invested. Todd is adorable at times, but he is simply too dense. 

“Todd.” Leanne snapped her gaze toward him. “You’re not too young to know the nickname people used to call guys named Richard, are you?
“Uh.” Todd blinked and darted his gaze between Rich and Leanne. They were finally paying attention to him and all he wanted was to go back to being invisible.
“Dick,” she said. “Big D got his nickname before we met, but some of us in my squad figured it wasn’t just about his last name being Davis. So we had a bet going.”
She flicked her gaze to Rich again, as if expecting him to interrupt.
He didn’t.
“Problem is, we couldn’t agree on which side won because we couldn’t get solid evidence.” She focused on Todd. “But now I have an eyewitness.”
“I, uh, I don’t—” Todd stammered, hating being in the middle of what felt like an argument.
“Don’t let Sparky get to you,” Rich said, still completely unbothered.
“Some of the guys saw Big D in the latrines, and they said he’s big all over, but when they tried to collect on the bet, the other side made a good point.” She narrowed her eyes menacingly at Rich. “If the man’s a show-er, that means he isn’t grow-er, so he doesn’t actually have a big D, now does he? That means the other side should win.”
Todd drew his eyebrows together and tried to follow Leanne’s question. “Are you saying you guys have a bet going on the size of Rich’s dick?”
“Yep.” Leanne leaned against the chairback, looking smug. “And you, little brother, are going to settle that bet.”
Normally, Todd had no problem talking about a guy’s package. Hell, in the right situation, dicks were damn near his favorite topic. But he had never spoken to anyone about Rich’s body or, really, anything else related to Rich because he knew that was off limits. Of course, Leanne was asking him the question because she already knew he had the answer.
Flicking his gaze toward Rich, Todd said, “Am I allowed to…”
“It’s a simple question,” Leanne snapped. “Is he a grow-er or a show-er?”
Rich didn’t tell him to stay quiet so Todd figured he had permission to answer. “Both.”
She blinked.
“Seriously.” He bobbed his head. “Length, girth.” He held his hands far apart. “It’s awesome.” As long as he had permission to share, he figured he should be thorough in his explanation. “His balls too.”
Leanne coughed.
“I mean it. They’re huge. Each one’s a mouthful by itself.”
“Ehm.” Leanne cleared her throat. “Thanks.” Looking decidedly uncomfortable, she held her palm up in a stop motion. “I’m good on the details. You don’t need to keep going.”
“Are you sure?” After a lifetime of being the butt of the joke with his siblings, Todd enjoyed turning the table. “I can sketch you a picture, but I’ll need one of those extra-long pieces of paper if you want it to scale.”
“That won’t be necessary.” Leanne actually blushed. “I’m all set.”
Rich threw his head back and laughed. “Thanks, Todd. Eighteen years these jackasses have had the silly bet going and I do believe you just put it to rest.”
Thrilled with the praise and relieved to be playing and flirting with Rich again, Todd smiled broadly. “No problem. When it comes to your big D, I’m always willing to lend a hand.”
He settled into the chair, comfortable for the first time that night, and when the conversation turned back to stories about people he didn’t know, he truly didn’t mind. Eighteen years was a long time. If Rich had cared about putting an end to the bet, he’d probably had a dozen different chances. That he did it now, meant his goal had been less about the bet and more about a point. Todd knew something about Rich that nobody else did, or at least nobody who mattered enough to meet his friends. That meant Todd mattered. Leanne knew that now. And so did he.

Cardeno C.—CC to friends—is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few awwws into a reader’s day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno’s stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.