Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review: The Next Competitor by Keira Andrews

The Next Competitor
by Keira Andrews
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Genre: M/M Romance

If he risks his heart, can he keep his head in the game?

To win gold, figure skater Alex Grady must train harder than the competition morning, noon, and night. He’s obsessed with mastering another quadruple jump, and due to the lack of filter between his mouth and brain, doesn’t have a lot of friends. As for a boyfriend, forget it. So what if he’s still a virgin at twenty? The Olympics are only every four years—everything else can wait. Relationships are messy and complicated anyway, and he has zero room in his life for romance.

So it’s ridiculous when Alex finds himself checking out his boring new training mate Matt Savelli. Calm, collected “Captain Cardboard” is a nice guy, but even if Alex had time to date, Matt’s so not his type. Yet beneath Matt’s wholesome surface, there’s a dirty, sexy man who awakens a desire Alex has never experienced and can’t deny…

Note: This gay romance from Keira Andrews features opposites attracting, new adult angst, sexual discovery, and of course a happy ending.

This new version has been extensively rewritten, updated, and expanded into a new adult romance with explict on-page sex.

I read a lot of sport romance and professional athlete are hardcore. But non of them come close to Alexander Grady's level of Olympic obsession. Not only he want to be an Olympian, he want to win the Gold at all cost.

Alexander is the US Team figure skater, not quite in the closet, but not quite out either. Is not an issue to him because he just didn't have the time to date or hook up at all. His entire young life revolves around training and training. Due to his lack of filter, his tends to be too honest for his own good and came across as the asshole who insult everyone. 

Matt is the Canadian pair skater who Alex labeled as Mr. Cardboard. Matt is always nice and kind and never throw a tantrum. He seems unruffled no matter what happens on the rink, until one accident that happened that might affect his skating career. Of course, Matt is more than the cardboard personality that Alex assume he is. 

This story is entirely from Alex's POV, which make me feel as if he is the only skater who is beyond obsess with his skating and stressing about everything all the time. But I bet other skaters have their own problem to deal with, but we never got to know about them. I was very invested with Alex though. I want him to win so bad and I empathize with him when he felt he was treated unfairly. I hope the author give the fucking gold medal to him already. But alas, this story is not all about the glory. Alex actually went through a lot of growing up in his journey towards Olympic and I'm glad Matt is along the ride with him. They both are too freaking adorable. 

Winter Olympic is not a big thing in my country, it is not even broadcast at all. But I watched some figure skating before and I only thought they look so pretty. After reading this book and manage to get behind the scene of all the hard work pour into this sport, I will definitely be looking at it in an entirely new light.