Thursday, November 10, 2016

Review: Maddox by Taylor Kinney

Masters & Slaves #1
by Taylor Kinney
Release Date: 17/10/2016
Genre: M/M

Gun saved the Queen’s life, and his reward will be a slave of his own, chosen from among all those for sale in the market. But he doesn’t want an ordinary slave, he wants a strong, handsome one. But the most important thing is a slave that’s not already submissive and obedient – he wants a man to tame...

When he sees Maddox, he immediately recognizes that this is the kind of slave he was looking for. This is the one he wants. Luckily for him, the Queen is prepared to spend any amount to make him happy...

Maddox had been captured and reduced to slavery only two weeks earlier, and he would never dream of submitting without a fight, but as he gets to know his new master, something changes inside him, and perhaps freedom isn’t the only thing that counts...

Two strong men who have to learn how to get to know and respect each other will manage to find common ground and mutual understanding...

Initially I'm excited with the masters and slaves theme especially for a m/m romance. But the slavery that was represented here left me out of sort. I guess I can't just ignore the fact that the men in here actually okay with slavery. I was expecting some kind of rebellion or the constant need for freedom or maybe HEA with an actual freedom towards the end. I guess I have different kind of expectation. 

Gun is the Queen's First Concubine and he got rewarded with a slave of his own. Maddox was the said slave that the Queen brought for him. For Gun who actually went through being a slave himself, I can't stomach the way he treat Maddox in the beginning. It did get better as they spend more time together, he even call Maddox with a sweet pet name. But considering this book is pretty short, things move very fast and Maddox succumb to Gun in a blink of an eye, at least for me. I guess I don't mind the fast development since is a pretty short read. 

All in all, this fantasy world where slavery is running rampant with the present of technology feels kinda weird to me. It might do for readers who enjoy this kind of slavery fantasy and don't mind the under develop plot.