Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Release Blitz ARC Review: Deadly Silence by Rebecca Zanetti

by Rebecca Zanetti
Blood Brothers, #1
On Sale: October 4, 2016

The first book in a breathtaking new romantic suspense series that will appeal to fans of New York Times bestsellers Maya Banks, Lisa Gardner, and Lisa Jackson.

Under siege. That's how Ryker Jones feels. The Lost Bastards Investigative Agency he opened up with his blood brothers has lost a client in a brutal way. The past he can't outrun is resurfacing, threatening to drag him down in the undertow. And the beautiful woman he's been trying to keep at arm's length is in danger...and he'll destroy anything and anyone to keep her safe.

Paralegal Zara Remington is in over her head. She's making risky moves at work by day and indulging in an affair with a darkly dangerous PI by night. There's a lot Ryker isn't telling her and the more she uncovers, the less she wants to know. But when all hell breaks loose, Ryker may be the only one to save her. If his past doesn't catch up to them first...

Full of twists and turns you won't see coming, DEADLY SILENCE is New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti at her suspenseful best.


This is the spin off from the great romantic suspense series, Sin Brothers. You don't have to read the series to enjoy this one, but for us who have went through all the drama previously, I'm SO ready for the psychopathic scientist to die. 

In Deadly Silence, we have Ryker, a hunky PI and the big brother among the trio, Heath and Denver. The story started off with him having a casual intimate relationship with our heroine, Zara. Ryker is man with some secret past of his own.

Zara, a paralegal who works at a firm that often engaged Ryker for some PI work, hit it off the badass man. They are sexually compatible and both never plan for more. But when things get dicey and Zara might be in danger, Ryker have to face the fact that this is a woman that he will protect at all cost.

This book is jam pack with suspense, action and intricate plot. There are simply too much going on that my mind is spinning and I felt that the author might be trying to give us too much on her buffet. We have a serial killer, a domestic altercation, a homicide and the crux of all, the genetic enhanced military story arc that was link from prior series. This all lead to some unresolved issue and more unanswered question. I guess it was expected.

The romance between Ryker and Zara was pretty solid and I don't have much complaint. There is enough relationship development between them from two strangers who only enjoy sex with each other to them slowly giving their trust, sharing their problems and their past. As always in romantic suspense, the heroine is bound to get into a dangerous situation and they will lose their brain somewhere and acted like a total idiot. I'm glad that Zara is manage to hold on to her wit in dire circumstances without transforming into a superwoman.

Let's talk about the male specimens. Pun intended. Not only that Ryker, Heath and Denver are three supposedly hot hunky male with some special abilities, we also have a preteen soldier, Greg and.... hold your breath..... theGray brothers! Yes, they make the appearance and I swoon. There are simply too much testosterone in one book. Let the poor woman breath for goodness sake.

Overall, we basically have the similar theme of genetic-engineered-super-hot-alpha-males and the same villain, who is the yet-to-die-psychopathic-bitch. Deadly Silence is choke full of suspense and action, is definitely a romantic suspense that you can't put down. On final note, I hope the author will really end the villain for good this time before attempting another possible spin-off, if any.

Heat from his body washed over her, but she lifted her head to meet his gaze. “We don’t have a relationship.”
He smiled then, and the curve of his lips held more determination than amusement. “I’m not letting you run, and I’m certainly not letting you hide, baby. Although neither of us has been in this for the long haul, I’m staying in Wyoming for the moment. The first thing that’s going to happen is I’m going to figure out who dared put a hand on you and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
For the first time, she saw a side of him that gave her true pause. In the long haul, he’d be unbearably possessive. Why did that give her an intriguing sense of safety? “Knock it off,” she snapped in his face. “Get out of my business.”
That quickly, she found her back against the door and her front pinned by hard male. His hands planted on either side of her neck, his thumbs at her jaw, forcing her to look at him. “Something you need to understand and pretty damn quick is that your business is my business right now.” His thumb swept up and over the offensive bruise on her face.
“Step back.” Her voice trembled.
He ignored the very calm order. “No. You don’t want to tell me who did this? Fine. I’ll find out on my own, and I’ll have the name by the time I pick you up for supper. What you don’t want to do is deal with him or his case until I have that name. Kicking him in the balls might’ve just pissed him off more, and now you’ve let a bully stew on it for a while, which might be dangerous for you. Got it?”
“You have no right to interfere,” she whispered.
“Baby, I’ve been fuckin’ you for months. That gives me every right.” Anger glowed dark in his eyes.
“We’re done. Get out.”
His eyes softened. “You shouldn’t make statements you can’t back up.”
She shoved against his ripped abs.
He didn’t move a millimeter.
And then he did.
His head dipped, and his mouth found her neck and wandered up to her ear. His teeth scraped, and then his tongue licked the slight wound.
Of its own volition, her body did a full tremble.
He leaned back. “That.”
Her mind fuzzed.
His mouth slammed down on hers. She knew his kiss—often dreamed about it. Not soft and sweet . . . not even lustful. It was dangerous. From day one, she’d tasted danger on his tongue, and it burned her hotter than she’d ever been.
Never had she dated a bad boy, but after living her desired routine-driven life for years, she’d craved adventure, and he filled that need. He drew out a wildness she hadn’t realized she possessed.
He held her flush against the door, kissing her hard, sending a craving along her nerves that almost hurt. His tongue went to work, his left hand keeping her jaw open for him. His right hand found her hip and dragged her against the obvious bulge in his jeans. By the time he released her, she’d stopped thinking completely.
“What time are you finished today?” he asked, his breath heating her face.
“Fi-five,” she stuttered.
He leaned back and gently put her to the side. “Stay in the office until I come for you at five, Zara.” He ran his thumb across her bottom lip. “Cross me on this, baby, and I ain’t gonna be gentle.” He had already shut the door behind himself before she could take a whole breath.
She blinked several times, her fingers going to her still-tingling mouth. What had just happened?

Rebecca Zanetti is the author of over twenty-five romantic suspense, dark paranormal, and contemporary romances, and her books have appeared multiple times on the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestseller lists. She has received a Publisher's Weekly Starred Review for Wicked Edge, Romantic Times Reviewer Choice Nominations for Forgotten Sins and Sweet Revenge, and RT Top Picks for several of her novels.  She lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her own alpha hero, two kids, a couple of dogs, a crazy cat...and a huge extended family.  She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off...and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out.

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