Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blog Tour ARC Review: Honor by Jay Crownover

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jay Crownover returns with her most complicated hero yet, in the first book in the romantic suspense series The Breaking Point.

Don’t be fooled.

Don’t make excuses for me.

I am not a good man.

I’ve seen things no one should, done things no one should talk about. Honor and conscience have no place in my life. But I’ve fought and I’ve survived. I’ve had to.

The first time I saw her dancing on that seedy stage in that second rate club, I felt my heart pulse for the first time. Keelyn Foster was too young, too vibrant for this place, and I knew in an instant that I would make her mine. But first I had to climb my way to the top. I had to have something more to offer her.

I’m here now, money is no object and I have no equal. Except for her. She's disappeared. But don’t worry, I will find her and claim her. She will be mine.

Like I said, don’t be fooled. I am not the devil in disguise... I’m the one standing front and center.

This is a spin off from Welcome to the Point series. As someone who never read the previous series, I did not manage to appreciate the fact that there are a bunch of supporting casts that seems to be all paired off already. 

First of all, I find the writing on the wordy side. The paragraphs and sentences seems overly long. There are more than a few occasion whereby I find myself rereading the same thing over again just to understand what the author is trying to convey. But after a few chapters, I seems to be able to get use to it.

The hero, Nassir Gates is the crime boss who owned the strip club and a new sex club. From the prologue and his history as a child soldier in the middle east, he is someone who is sensitize towards violence. Nothing fazed him anymore. Is imply that he is the devil, but throughout this whole book I did not see him do anything bad. In fact, I find his character a bit tame compare to what I expect. 

Keelyn used to be a stripper, but had since left her old life behind and high tail to Denver to start a new life. However, Keelyn finds that her life and soul reside back at the Point and the reappearance of Nassir finally tempted her to move back. Keelyn is a firecracker, sexually confident and someone who long for independence. 

Nassir and Keelyn seems to have a great deal of history between them despite never hooking up before. In fact, he had been waiting for her ever since he first lay eye on her. I like the idea of love at first sight and the long wait, but the fact that while waiting for her, he actually have a slew of women might not be something swoon worthy. I don't need them to be celibate, but the fact that the author keep insisting he is waiting for her seems silly if he is not celibate anyway. The reason they have been avoiding each other for years is something I can't fathom. I'm just glad that they finally got their head out of their ass. 

When Keelyn finally gave in and whole heartedly accept Nassir in her life, the story instantly picked up for me. They have such great chemistry together both in and out of bed. I appreciate the fact that Nassir treated her as equal and Keelyn is such a formidable partner in crime.

As for the plot, I'm find it quite underwhelming that there isn't anything dramatic or suspenseful. Nassir didn't even get to be all badass. There is something ongoing with their new club, but it seems to be more a juvenile prank than anything. However, towards the ending, the suspense and danger pick up a little and it keep me engage till the end.

Overall, I find that romance wise, the Honor seems to be pretty solid. An enigmatic crime lord always do it for me. But the plot could be better with higher suspense and more action. 


In my head I heard him as clear as if he had been in the bed next to me…”I have a business proposition for you, Key.”
His voice, with its faintest hint of an accent as he looked at me with those candy-colored eyes, gave nothing away. Of course, when he offered me something other than sex and physical temptation, it was a chance to get into bed with him in a different way…a way that would probably be just as dirty and complicated as the traditional way. Only Nassir would take something people did anyway and charge for it. He was already making money from the strip club and from the working girls he looked out for, so why wouldn’t he take that a step further and make money off of people chasing a chance to indulge in their kinky vices. It simply made good business sense. 
I scrolled back up to the Ns in my contact list and stared at his name before pulling it up. It took another ten minutes before I could get my hands to stop shaking enough to type out a text message. I couldn’t call him. The sound of his voice after what had happened with the guy from the bar tonight would be too much. I would be in my little Honda Civic racing back to the Point and throwing myself at him like a lunatic. I needed to keep the upper hand with him if I was going to go home, if I was going to even consider tying myself to him in any way.
I’m coming home, asshole. 
I sent the message off and stared at the phone, expecting an immediate response. Expecting a “good” or an “about time.” I got nothing. Zero. Zilch. The screen stared back at me, taunting me in silence for hours. When I couldn’t stop hitting the message button to see if anything was there, and as dawn started to cross the sky, I finally gave in to temptation then and threw the thing across the room. 
There had been good men and bad men in my past. There had been men I wanted to stay longer than they did and ones I couldn’t get rid of fast enough, but in the background there was always Nassir…always. I couldn’t escape his pull and not even time and distance had done anything to stop the irresistible attraction I felt toward him. I told Reeve he couldn’t be the center of my world, but the reality was that he had been this from the get-go, and all I was doing was orbiting around him. Forever circling and trying to get as close as I could without succumbing to his gravitational pull and colliding.
I fell asleep after the sun was in the sky and was so tired and stressed out from the night before that I slept through my alarm, missing my shift at the diner. I guess it was a good thing I was going back to the Point. I didn’t think my ego could handle getting fired from a waitressing job I never really wanted in the first place. 
I shoved the covers off and went to retrieve my phone from where it had landed. The battery was almost dead, but there was enough life left in it for me to see Nassir never texted me back. I almost threw it again but stopped when I noticed I had an e-mail. I never used the app on my phone. I had no need for an e-mail address and didn’t want anything that was easily tracked, but I did like to shop on Amazon, so there was no getting around having one. When I clicked to open it, my heart started to race and I got a little light-headed. I was so surprised, mostly that I was surprised, that I sat down heavily in the center of the floor and just stared dumbly at the first-class ticket with my name on it for a flight that was scheduled to leave tomorrow morning.

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men, The Point, and the Saints of Denver series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she'll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.  

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