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Blog Tour ARC Review: Thin Lives by Bethany-Kris

Thin Lives
by Bethany-Kris
Donati Bloodlines #3
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
Genres: Adult, Mafia Romance, Contemporary, Romance

Emma Donati

Some days, it felt like Emma had just imagined it all.
Like maybe everything she had been with Calisto was just a dream.
Emma knew it was crazy—it was impossible to forget what she had shared with Calisto Donati. All their love, the stolen moments, their foulness together, and the beauty underneath it all were real.
They were real.
But he didn’t know.
He didn’t know any of it.
And little by little, with every day that passed her by, Emma found she was losing those pieces that reminded her they had existed once.
Just like the rosary.
All too soon, Emma knew … there would be nothing left.

Calisto Donati

Emma hadn’t given him a choice.
Her, not him.
Yeah, that’s what Calisto was going to keep telling himself. He refused to feed into the strange curiosity he had about Emma Donati. It had been building from the moment he’d first seen her face after he’d awakened. He wouldn’t admit that for longer than he cared to admit, he thought there was more behind her false smile, polite words, and the distance she put between her and him—that there might be more to them.
He couldn’t.
Except … he was feeding into it.
Calisto just wasn’t sure what it was.
But tonight he was going to find out.
Whether she wanted to tell him or not.


The final Bloodlines novel.

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This series has always been a strong 4 stars for me. But this last book isn't as engaging as the first two books. That's not too say that this series isn't worth reading. I will still rate this as a 4 stars mafia series.

This review will contain spoiler if you haven't read the prior two books.

From the ending of Book 2, we knew that Emma is pregnant and Calisto has amnesia. What an awesome cliffhanger right? 

But in Book 3, I feel that there isn't much happening, there is lack of drama and action which I craved. Calisto is sitting there and feeling confused about himself. Emma is trying her best to keep her baby safe and she can't do anything to help Calisto beside waiting for him to remember. Affonso the ass, feeling smug about the new baby and trying to stop Calisto from gaining his memory. As you can see, all three parties in this story is pretty much in a position of 'wait and see'.

The part that was interesting is the last quarter when Calisto finally gain his memory and trying to extradite his family from Affonso's grip. However, when the ending come, I feel a bit anti-climatic. I understand we need to face some harsh reality, but nonetheless, the epilogue fill me with a bittersweet moment. I'm hoping the author plan a spin off of this series because I need a more fulfilling closure for Calisto. 

The cook’s words were cut off by the sound of the front door slamming shut. Raising a brow at Sherry only earned Emma a shrug. 
She didn’t know who it was, either. 
Affonso hadn’t come out of the office to say anyone would be dropping by, and next to his phone calls and muttering, the home had been quiet for the majority of the day. Emma hated it when people came and went from their home like it was a meeting hub, available for anyone to use whenever they felt the need to show up. 
Saying that to Affonso, however, had earned her a quick reprimand. 
She chose not to voice her feelings anymore on the topic. 
“I wonder who that is?” Sherry asked. 
“I don’t know.” 
Emma didn’t have to wonder for long. 
Calisto’s shout made Emma jump in her seat. She shot the cook a look, only to see Sherry sporting wide eyes. 
“Well, that answers that,” the cook muttered, grabbing a cloth to begin wiping the counter down. “I think I’ll just finish up for the day.” 
“Zio, where are you?” Calisto yelled. 
He didn’t sound happy. 
In fact, his yell had been coated in a heated anger Emma had only heard from Calisto a handful of times since she’d known him. Something thumped against the hallway wall, making Emma get up from her chair a little faster than she knew she should to go see what was happening. 
In the hallway, she found Calisto kicking off his other shoe. It too hit the wall with a snap. 
His broad shoulders, covered with one of his many blazers, were taut. He scowled as he pulled the blazer off, and tossed it over a decorative hallway table. His usually put-together appearance was more disheveled than normal, and that worried Emma. 
But even in his obvious anger, Calisto was still so breathtaking to Emma. Just looking at him brought back waves of memories—his touch, kiss, and how he loved her, fucked her. She hadn’t been touched by anyone since Calisto.
She did miss Calisto, though.  
Every single day she was without him. 
Affonso made all the efforts he could to keep Calisto away from the Donati home if he could help it. He always did it in such a way that nothing looked amiss from the outside. Most of the business Affonso had once done with Calisto, and his underboss Ray, was now done outside of the home. Dinners were rare, though they did happen. Parties had become even rarer. 
Emma knew what her husband was doing. 
He was purposely keeping Calisto away from Emma as much as he possibly could without making it obvious. He was probably worried the more time the two spent together, the more likely it was that Calisto would gain some memory of their relationship back. 
Affonso didn’t want that to happen at all. 
“Cal?” Emma asked softly. “Is everything okay?” 
Calisto’s head jerked up, his soul-black eyes landing on her. A fire burned behind his irises—fury swimming as he took her in. For a second, the anger there disappeared and his shoulders loosened. A small twinge of hope swelled in Emma’s heart as Calisto just stood there, hand against the wall, watching her. 
He’d done that very thing before. 
He’d stood in the shadows of a room more times than she cared to count, watching her in that very same way. 
It had hurt him to do it, but they didn’t have any other choice at the time. 
Did it feel familiar to him? 
She couldn’t help but wonder, even if a dull ache settled deep in her bones when he blinked, shook his head, and sighed harshly. 
“Where is my uncle?” he asked, standing straight. 
“His office,” Emma said. “What’s wrong?” 
“Nothing for you to concern yourself with, Emma. Go relax. Rest for my cousin, huh? No stress for the baby. Don’t worry about the problems of men.” 
Emma flinched inwardly, her heart seizing with an invisible agony that Calisto couldn’t possibly know was there. His words had been said so flippantly—his cousin. 
The baby was not his cousin. 
It was his son. 
She had to press her lips together in a tight line to keep from saying that exact thing to him. 
Calisto strolled past her in the hallway, already moving onto his next thing. By the time she turned around to watch him go, he was already gone around the corner, and she was forgotten to him. 
She had learned over the last few months that she was not a priority in Calisto’s world anymore, what with his memories being gone. As Affonso’s wife, she was simply a woman in Calisto’s life that he treated with respect, but kept a healthy distance from at the same time.  
How could Calisto ever possibly begin to remember her when he wouldn’t get close enough to her to be triggered into a memory? 
Emma knew it would only take just one memory. 
The right one. A simple one. Anything. 
A clue for him to see that something between them hadn’t been as innocent as it looked like to everyone else on the outside. Some small hint for him to go digging for more. When that avalanche started for Calisto, she hoped it didn’t end until he had everything he needed. 
She would be waiting when it did. 
But, today was not that day. 

Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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