Thursday, September 29, 2016

ARC Review: The Mechanic by Vanessa Waltz

The Mechanic 
by Vanessa Waltz
Release Date: August 4, 2016

We go together like champagne and whiskey. Now we're married!

Gage Carter is the poster boy for rude, rugged, and obnoxious. He’s the town’s mechanic. When he’s not giving me a hard time about my car, he’s mocking my city girl ways.

He's a small town roughneck with a dirty reputation and a mouth to match. I'm a city girl. We go together like champagne and whiskey.

People told me he was trouble. But that didn’t stop me from craving his filthy promises that make my blood pound for hours. Or having full body shivers whenever he says my name.

This joy ride’s gone too far. Now we’re married—by accident—no less. The town’s most ineligible bachelor is my husband.

Oh, and I’m pregnant.
The last thing I need is a wife…

Especially a high-maintenance one like Olivia Stewart. I’ve got no patience for a demanding, feisty city girl who thinks she can walk into my business and order me around.

But now that I’ve tasted her, I can’t get her out of my mind. She may be a burr in my side but she’s as sweet as honey. When she’s not driving me crazy, she’s driving me wild.

One problem: Some puffed-up rich boy from San Francisco thinks she’s his, and he’ll make my life hell if I don’t give her up.

Good luck with that. I can’t be bought, and I’m not giving up my wife and baby.

He wants a fight? This means war.

I find this book really entertaining and fast paced

Gage is a sexy mechanic with a dirty mouth and I enjoyed his blunt honesty. Olivia is a woman who is avoiding hercheating ex-fiance


This book have two ploys that usually annoy the hell out of me, which is the drunken marriage and one-that-shall-not-be-mention. But in this case, it actually works. Maybe because it was handled in a refreshing way and I find it more entertaining rather than annoyed. 

The ex-fiance who is the villain in this story is abit too much to handle. The things that he would do in order to get back Olivia is unbelievable. I think many people might find it too far fetch, but for me, I find it amusing. I think it might be due to the nature of this book that isn't taking itself too seriously. 


Overall, I think The Mechanic to be quite an entertaining, hot, sexy, read about a small town mechanic trumping the rich asshole. My favorite scene... Gage stealing the asshole's Benz and had sex with Olivia in it. So childish, but too funny.