Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: Ready for the Yeti by Mia Fox

Ready for the Yeti
(Surprise Passion #1) 
by Mia Fox
Genre: Erotica

As an anthropologist, it’s Anna job to understand what makes a man tick. That knowledge is put to the test when the biotech company that employs her demands that she get up close and personal with a captured Yeti.

Although Anna hates that this beast has been taken out of the wild, she has no choice but to do as they ask. Her job is on the line and she’s been given only a week to harvest the Yeti’s sperm for use in a new infertility drug.

While doing her best to tame the beast, Anna is as surprised as anyone, particularly her sexually disappointing ex-boyfriend and boss, to discover that she is more than ready for the Yeti.

This is so weird. I'm embarrassed to confess that when I read the blurb of this erotica between a human and a Yeti, I was instantly intrigue. This is my first time reading abestiality romance and I was so turned on. I thought reading M/M is shocking enough for my friends, if they find out I'm venturing into bestiality, I'm sure they will not come close to me with a ten foot pole.

This is a very very short read about the female researcher trying to coax the sperm from the Yeti. Well, things just get a tad too hot and heavy when she approach the Yeti in the enclosed cage.

Honestly, I didn't see the old book cover before reading the story, so I kind of imagine my hot Yeti look something like this instead of the beast in the cover.


Although the plot was pretty thin, this short read really did satisfy my extremely pervy mind and I'm looking forward for more. I wish the author decide to make this into a full length, I will totally read it.