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Blog Tour ARC Review + Giveaway: Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh continues her Rock Kiss series with a hot, sweet, emotional contemporary romance about love and forgiveness…

After a lifetime of longing for a real family, Sarah Smith thought she’d finally found her home with rock star Abe Bellamy, even if she knew Abe didn’t love her the way she loved him. But their brief relationship, filled with tragedy and heartache, nearly destroyed her. Alone, emotions in turmoil, and already shaky self-esteem shattered, Sarah struggles to pick up the pieces in the wake of their divorce.

Abe knows he’s to blame for the end of his marriage. Caught in a web of painful memories, he pushed away the best thing in his life – the sexy, smart woman he adores – breaking them both in the process. Then fate throws him a second chance to get things right, to prove to Sarah that she means everything to him. Abe desperately wants that second chance at love…even if he knows he doesn’t deserve it.

But can he convince Sarah – now strong and independent without him – to risk her wounded heart one more time?

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5 'redeeming' stars

The Rock Kiss series ended with a bang, or more specifically, with a few wedding bells, joy and happy tears for everyone. I find it a tad too perfect for all the couples to be hitched in this one book, but to hell with it, this is romance after all.


Going in, I'm desperate to know what is the caused of Abe and Sarah's divorce and how will they reunite. I'm a sucker for second chances, in this case even more because they were married once. For those who are worried about the reason for their divorce, is actually pretty mellow, nothing spectacular happened. In fact, I find the reason a tad too easy. 

Abe was an asshole of an epic proportion during their marriage, especially when he was high and drunk. I'm sure he has his good moment, or else, Sarah wouldn't have love him so much. But during one of his epic blowout, Sarah had enough of his issue and left him.


Fast forward to present times, Sarah just broke up with her boyfriend who we saw in the previous book where he got violent with her. With Abe and the band coming to her rescue, her ex-husband is back into her life. 

The main highlight of the book is Abe's road to win back his ex-wife and his road to redemption. I mean, he said some pretty awful stuff to her, which some might find it unforgivable. But throughout the journey in this book, Abe more than redeem himself. He even make me fall head over heels in love with him. 

Their relationship had already bypass the getting to know you and dating stages, so I find it really refreshing to read about a couple who already in love and know each other so well. Abe is giving his 100% effort and commitment to prove to Sarah that he is a change man and a man who deserve a second chance with her. I'm in a swoon-fest throughout the book. The best part is, he didn't even need to do the epic grovel, he let his action speaks louder than words. But of course, his confessing is heartfelt too. 

By the end of the book, I think Abe just became my official book husband.I'm so proud of you, Abe. 


As for Sarah, she used to be so naive and innocent and a total doormat. But the current Sarah is a change woman. Despite her awful past, that she never did share with Abe before, she manage to turn her life around after the divorce and became a much more admirable woman who is able to hold her head up high. I like the fact that she isn't too stubborn to accept Abe back into her life despite not fully trusting him yet.

Being the final book of the series, we get to catch up with all the previous couples. As always, I enjoyed the camaraderie between the guys and their ladies. The fact that everyone is getting married is just perfection. The hopeless romantic in me totally don't mind attending four weddings in a span of one book. 


Plowing his gloved fists into the punching bag in front of him on the morning of the fourth day, Abe blocked out the other sounds in the gym and attempted to lose himself in the rhythm of the mindless action. It worked for about a minute before his mind filled with Sarah again. Her shy smile when he gave her a compliment. The way she’d sit curled up under his arm and read to him on lazy summer days.
Hard on the heels of that memory came one of him throwing her books in the pool in a drug-fueled rage. She’d been sobbing as she tried to save them.
“Fucking bastard,” Abe muttered, talking to his past self. He punched the bag so hard that it threatened to swing back right into his face. He didn’t care. He deserved to have his face beaten in.
Ripping off his gloves afterward, he showered, then went straight to a bookshop.
It was too little too late, but now that he’d remembered his asshole behavior, he couldn’t just leave it. Ball cap pulled low, he wandered the aisles… then realized most people here didn’t care who he was; they were more interested in the volumes that lined the shelves. He spent an hour inside the murmuring quiet of the store, searching for the titles he remembered seeing on their bedside table. She’d definitely read him Jane Austen.
He couldn’t remember which one though, so he bought the entire set.
And there was this one romance novel she loved and had read over and over again. He’d teased her it would fall apart in her hands one day. She’d just smiled and read him a paragraph that she’d told him was part of her favorite scene. What the hell had it been? Yes, that was it. In the end, it turned out the store didn’t have that book in stock, so he bought her a bunch of new releases featuring people with dogs or puppies on the covers. He definitely remembered seeing covers like that in their home
After spotting it in a display, he added in a nonfiction book about a woman who’d set up her own company while nearly flat broke and who was now a millionaire. At the counter, he paid extra to have the books wrapped up and packaged.
He’d called his car service earlier; the driver shot him a funny look when he put the package in the passenger seat and gave him Sarah’s address. “I’m a courier now?” the stocky middle-aged man asked, having worked long enough for Schoolboy Choir that he was a friend. They’d all missed his calm demeanor and total trustworthiness when he broke his leg recently and had been out for a while.
“Best in the business,” Abe responded.
The other man snorted. “I’ll get it to her now.”
Blowing out a breath after the gleaming black town car pulled away, Abe went to where he’d parked his SUV and got in. He didn’t want to go home to his empty house, but he didn’t want to barge in on his friends either. David and Thea, Noah and Kit, they needed time alone. As for Molly and Fox, while the newlyweds were back home after a short wedding trip, having postponed their honeymoon until later in the year, Abe wasn’t about to bust up their love nest.
Gabriel and Charlotte probably wouldn’t have minded the company since they’d been doing the sightseeing thing, but the other couple had flown back to New Zealand twenty-four hours earlier—after inviting all of them to their own wedding.
His phone buzzed right then.
Picking it up, he saw a message from Fox. Molly and I are at that Thai place with the noodles you like. We saved you a seat if you want to join us for lunch.
Damn, he loved his bandmates. On my way, he messaged back.
Starting the engine, he tried not to obsess over if Sarah would call him after receiving his long overdue gift. Hell, he’d be content with her throwing the books at his head. All he wanted was for her to talk to him, to let him show her he wasn’t that guy anymore, the one who’d destroyed them both.

Nalini Singh is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Psy-Changeling, Guild Hunter, and Rock Kiss series. She lives and works in beautiful New Zealand, and is passionate about writing.

If you’d like to explore her other books, you can find lots of excerpts and free short stories on her website. Slave to Sensation is the first book in the Psy-Changeling series, while Angels’ Blood is the first book in the Guild Hunter series. The Rock Kiss books are all stand alone and can be read in any order.

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