Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Release Blitz + ARC Review + Giveaway: Reaper by A. Zavarelli

Boston Underworld Book #2 
by A. Zavarelli
Release Date: May 24th, 2016
Genre: Dark Romance

A Standalone Novel with HEA.

He’s dark and mysterious. Quiet and lethal.
An Irish mobster.
Pure sin wrapped up in a beautiful package.
But there’s also something off about him.
He doesn’t feel anything. He shows no emotions.
Sometimes I question his humanity.
He hasn’t spoken to me in two years. Not a single word.
But we share a secret, he and I.
And if it ever comes out, I have no doubt in my mind…
He won’t have a problem killing me too.

I’ve slain for her. I’ll do it again.
When it comes to Sasha, there isn’t a line I won’t cross.
I watch her. She doesn’t know it.
She thinks I hate her. Sometimes, I think I might too.
But I’m always there, lurking in the shadows.
Craving her. Trying to keep the beast within at bay.
I’ll keep her safe. I’ll slaughter anyone who tries to hurt her.
The only thing I can’t do… is protect her from myself.

A. Zavarelli really did outdone herself with the second installment of theBoston Underworld series with tortured hero, Ronan Fitzpatrick

After finishing Crow, I'm already anticipating Ronan's story very much. He is Lachlan's closest friend, who is such an enigma with his reclusive, quiet self. There seems to be something going on between him and the stripper,Sasha, but never did it occur to me that both of them have such a deep and much complicated connection. 


Ronan Fitzpatrick is my favorite kind of hero. A man with a tortured and painful past, and now after leaving behind his childhood for years, he still trap in the past and unable to change who he was raised to be. He is the most effective killer and he prefer dealing with his task rather than engaging with people. No one manage to invoke any emotion in him, except for Sasha. 

Sasha is the stripper at Lachlan's club and we knew a little about her from previous book. But nothing is what it seems and we get to learn the truth behind Sasha's past and how she came about to the mafia scene. 


Ronan wants her since he first lay eyes on her, but all he did is to watch her from a far and be her silent protector. Well, because Ronan is one confusing and complicated man who isn't much for human interaction. Beside, Lachlan and Mack, I think he hardly talks to anyone.

Sasha had been dealing with a hard life ever since she got herself entangled with the mafia. She was stuck in this perpetual vortex and unable to get out from. The only comfort she get is having Ronan near. But man, she is getting so many mixed signal from him that is a wonder she haven't kick him out of her life yet. He had a few very douchey moment that if it came from any other hero, I would have want to throttle him hard, but since this is Ronan we are dealing here, I'm giving him a special pass.

In contrast to the previous book that deals more with the mafia politics and suspense, this book focus more on the romance between Ronan and Sasha, much to my delight. I really enjoyed the special kind of relationship between these two. Ronan is such a difficult man to understand, but Sasha is always there for him no matter how many times he screwed up. 


Is best to read Crow beforehand as there are some overlapping information regarding the Russians crew. I'm very interested with a certain Russian that appeared in both books and so looking forward to his story. Can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next.

A. Zavarelli is a romance book junkie, cat lover, and traveler when plagued by intense cases of wanderlust. She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and pretty much any kind of characters that are dark and gritty. You can find more about her on her website.

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