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Blog Tour ARC Review + Giveaway: Devil's Kiss by Ella Frank

Devil's Kiss 
(Sunset Cove Series #2)
by Ella Frank
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: MAY 24, 2016

What do you do when the one you least expect to matter…

Ends up mattering the most?

Derek Pearson likes to think he’s an easygoing guy. Uncomplicated, upfront, and unapologetic with what he wants. His what you see is what you get attitude is on prominent display for anyone who cares to look, and his foul mouth is right there to back it up should you miss the point.

However, what you see isn’t always what you get, and only a select few have ever glimpsed the real man under the brash exterior.

Among them? Professor Jordan Devaney. Complicated, high-maintenance, and vibrant, he’s Derek’s opposite in every way. From the moment they saw each other, a love-hate relationship began.

But what happens when one person wants more?

Devil's Kiss is a much anticipated book since reading Finley. I'm a sucker for enemies turn lovers and from what I glimpse of Derek and his 'Posh Spice', there couldn't have been a better set up. But, I'm a little let down that this story is not actually a love-hate relationship.

Derek Pearson is Finley's best friend from Book 1, and the owner of a gym by the beach. He is one fine hunk man. We get to know more about Derek this time around, regarding his less than stellar childhood and his unique relationship with Professor Jordan Devaney.

Jordan Devaney is a young and flamboyant history professor who enjoy life at its fullest. A stuffy professor he is not. On his first day of teaching, Derek caught his interest, but of course, being a professional, Jordan wouldn't do anything beside lusting from afar.

When Derek was faced with some tough situation in his family, the last person he expect to help him unconditionally was Jordan. Together they formed a close platonic relationship while avoiding their obvious attraction to each other due to their status.

The thing that I would describe their relationship is too many miss opportunities, wrong timing and self denial. 

I'm surprised that we spent more than half the book in the past, dwelling from Derek and Jordan's first meeting in school, Derek's family and the almost ten years gap before the present time. Actually I would rather focus on the present with them both being responsible adult rather than reading another student - teacher forbidden relationship.

The one problem I have is the too many time jumps that took place throughout this book from weeks, months to years. I felt like I'm missing a lot of information in between. What happened in their life during all these time gap? Did they meet someone else, did they miss each other? This lead to me having less time seeing them really being together as a couple.

The part where I like most of the last quarter, the present time. We get to catch up with Finley and Brantley, and Derek finally confronted Jordan about their future. Jordan has no choice but to man up and make a decision.

Overall, the plot and characterization of the story are very strong. I got really attached to all the characters and spending most of the time flipping pages wanting to know what will happen next to Derek and Jordan. If only we can shorten down the past, and spent more time on the present, it would have been a great read.

DEREK PEARSON PUSHED open the door of Leighton, Finley & Associates, and stepped out on the paved sidewalk. It was the first day of August, and if the sweltering Floridian sun was any indication, today was going to be hotter than hell’s waiting room.
As he strolled toward the curb, he pulled a pack of Marlboros from the pocket of his shorts and flipped open the top. He needed a fucking cigarette after watching Daniel Finley and his damn professor get all sappy and shit. That was gonna get old real quick if he had to stomach their nauseating displays of I love yous longer than the fifteen minutes he’d been in there. But he’d known he had to make an appearance sooner or later; otherwise Danny boy would’ve shown up asking questions. Questions he wasn’t ready to answer.
There’d been a reason he hadn’t come around to see Finn when he first moved back from Chicago two months ago, but it wasn’t something he was in the mood to talk about yet, even if he was one of the two people on the planet who would get all the shit he’d been dealing with. 
Yeah… He just wasn’t ready to go there.
With a smoke between his lips, he lit up, then shoved the pack back in his shorts. He was so damn antsy lately, and for that he could thank his brother, Alan. 
He walked around to the side of his Jeep and pulled open the door. After climbing inside, he grabbed his cell phone and stared at the dark screen, contemplating his next move. 
Am I really planning to do this? 
Fuck, it seemed that he was, even when he knew better. 
If he did this, it would be nothing more than a Band-Aid over the real problem. A shot to numb the more painful issues he was dealing with right now. He would be slipping back into a pattern he had pulled himself out of. An addiction he’d broken free from. But he was also aware that if he didn’t do it, the alternative would be to spiral out of control, and solitude was no longer helping his fucked-up nerves.
He brought the phone to his ear and waited. The phone rang and rang, and fucking rang, until he was close to hanging up—and then it connected.
“You free?” were the only two words out of his mouth. He waited, not caring to pursue small talk. That wasn’t what this was about. All he cared about in that moment was getting what he needed.
When an affirmative came through the phone, he hung up, tossed it on the dashboard, and brought the Jeep to life. As he sped across town, he white-knuckled the steering wheel and didn’t allow himself to think about the consequences of what he was about to do. 
It took him less than ten minutes to pull into the underground parking garage of The Palisades and take the elevator up to where his drug of choice waited for him. He glanced up into the camera in the corner of his metallic confines and stared boldly into the face of the one who was waiting at the other end of this ride. 
Yeah, he was about to fall off the fucking wagon big time. Was about to slide back into the one place he promised himself he wouldn’t go again. Yet as the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened, there was no denying this was exactly what he wanted.
“I have thirty minutes,” were the words that greeted him. 
Derek walked off the elevator and over to the naked man waiting for him. He took the haughty chin between his thumb and forefinger and promised in a voice thick with arousal, “I only need ten. Take me to your room, Jordan. Time’s a wasting.” 

Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!”

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR.  You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at

Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.

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