Friday, March 4, 2016

Review: Owned by the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz

Owned by the Bad Boy
(Cravotta Crime Family #4) 
by Vanessa Waltz
Publication Date: 29 September 2015

She stole my kid and put me behind bars…

Wise guys don’t do love. They f*ck and forget. The life is dangerous and I spend every day like it’s my last. Settling down wasn’t in my blood before Claire.

I’ve never fallen so hard for a girl. She’s got a body that turns heads, and for a year I did nothing but explore every inch. It was bliss. I thought she was perfect.

I was wrong. Twelve months of my life, stolen. My kid, gone.

Now, I’m out and I’m pissed.

I’m going to drag her home, tie her to my bed, and make her pay. I’ll own her body and tame those wild lips for good before I put a ring on her finger.

She took everything from me. I’m taking her over.

One big happy family. Claire is going to be my perfect wife whether she likes it or not.

( 3 stars)

Luc was put in jail when his girlfriend, Claire testified against him. And when he was freed, he found out that she hid their newborn son from him as well. Luc doesn't take lightly to her deception and betrayal, but the last thing he want is to let his boss, Johnny put a bullet to her head. 

One big question mark: For money laundering, he only convicted for one year? That seems too light a sentence. 

I know everything that Luc did was basically wrong. He kidnapped Claire and their son to keep them safe and treated her like his personal sex toy. But I'm just rooting for him to get his happy family back together again.

I know everything that Claire did was right. She want to get away from her criminal boyfriend and keep her son safe. But I just want her to stop running and trust him for once. Honestly, when I read such book, I'm questioning my own morality and sanity. Why am I always siding the bad guys?

I actually enjoyed the sex scenes. The hate-sex and the forced-sex. There are some D/s, whipping and spanking. Though I enjoyed reading it, I would have prefer some input from the heroine. You know, at least making it more consensual than it is. 

Although this is a dark romance, I need more from Luc and Claire. Luc is doing everything that he can to keep Claire with him, but I felt as if Claire is just along for the ride with no choice whatsoever. I wish to see that she actually accept and love Luc on her own freewill.

The most interesting part of the story is the crazy cop, Frank. I can't believe he is such a cray cray character. He had me flipping pages just to see what sort of crazy thing he will do and how will Luc get rid of him. 

As for the epilogue, I believe is one year since their marriage. It would be nice to have Luc witnessing their second child arrival, since he miss the first one.