Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: Hearts of Fire by L. H. Cosway

Hearts of Fire
Hearts #2
by L. H. Cosway
Release Date: 9 March 2015

The Circus Spektakul√§r is proud to present Jack McCabe: Fire-breather, knife-thrower, risk-taker. 

My house burned down when I was just a boy, robbing me of both my parents.

Now I breathe fire, eat the poison that almost killed me.

Crowds come to see me night after night. Men for the spectacle, women for the thrill. I’m an oddity to be stared at and desired. With each flame I spit, I risk my life.

I wear scars on my body that will never go away, but the scars inside my head are far more difficult to overlook.

My brother doesn’t know me, and if I have it my way he never will.

Life was going exactly the way I’d planned until Lille came along. She wanted to run away with the circus, have an adventure, but this world was never meant for her.

I try to keep her safe, because she doesn’t know the dangers that are out here on the road. She doesn’t know the monsters that lurk behind the bright lights of the ring. In truth, I could be considered one of them.

We were fashioned from different cloths, never intended to mix. So I watch her. I try not to touch, even when her eyes invite me.

Join us in the Spiegeltent and let us give you a show. Allow my Lille to draw a picture for you in paint and sweat and skin.

The truest love is always the hardest to let in.

This is a standalone romance that tells the story of Jack McCabe, Jay Fields’ long lost, presumed dead brother. It is not necessary to have read Six of Hearts in order to enjoy Hearts of Fire.

( 5 stars )

Read this one two weeks ago. Is hard to compare the awesomeness of L. H. Cosway's works because all her stories are so different in every way. Each time she manage to create some totally new characters, new story, new setting. To date, she is the only author that I can see such varieties.

I love the whole carnival setting. 
I love the broody, mysterious hero.
I love the naivety and innocence of the heroin. There is something so pure and untainted about her.
I love Jay Fields cameo.
and Jack's letter to Jay makes me cry. 

There are some kinky sex that involved something hot. Figuratively and literally. I'm not bothered by it, but definitely not something I will fantasize. 

From drag queen and violinist to illusionist and fire-breather, I can't wait for King, the Wall Street financier.