Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: Double Dog Dare by JA Coffey

DOUBLE DOG DARE: Mack and Allison - Friends to Lovers
(Southern Seductions Book 4)
by J.A. Coffey
Release Date: March 17, 2016

Allison Dare is having a bad month. Make that a bad year. A broken foot. Sidelined from an active career fighting crime. She sure as hell doesn’t need to deal with a four-footed canine disaster inherited from her recently departed cousin. In a desperate attempt to get her life in order, she hires a dog trainer. The only problem is he’s sexy and stubborn as sin. With her old life torn away, can she reinvent herself when she can’t seem to control her new pet or her feelings for a man who refuses to take orders?

Decorated vet Mack Taylor has tortured himself since the day his mistake cost him his loyal K-9 partner and part of his leg. Now the owner of a dog kennel in Atlanta, he spends his days working with pampered pets in need of potty training. A chance encounter with gutsy Allison puts him on edge in more ways than one. Suddenly, he finds himself hoping against hope…dreaming dreams that he has no right to dream…and taking his chances on a love that could transform them both.

(3 stars)

This is short romance that focus on two military veterans and their dogs. 

The hero Mack Taylor, is an amputee due to his stint at Afghanistan and now building a new life for himself with the dog shelter and a program for service dogs. 

Allison Dare is a kickass woman, but due to her less than stellar health and a fracture foot, she was placed on the sideline away from all the action, much to her annoyance. Adding on to the stress is inheriting a labradoodle, Sir Precious, from her dead cousin. 

I find the romance here was rather under-develop and the character development a tad too swift. Although Mack is an amputee, he doesn't have any problem getting laid and he don't suffer any self esteem issue. Most of Mack issue is due to his survival guilt and the need to succeed. Allison's present is just there to interrupt his routine. So I don't see the big reason of why he keep distancing himself initially, and then decided to engage her in the next moment. They have casual sexual relationship with both party not expecting any commitment, yet towards the end, they suddenly want something more. I'm don't feel much emotional connection towards their relationship.

The lovely part of the book is about the dogs. We have a Sir Precious who drives Allison nuts and Molly who is Mack's new project. I understand Allison's reasoning about her being a pet killer. I used to be a pet killer myself. As like any teenager, I'm such a animal lover that I managed to kill a tortoise, a few hamsters, a few goldfish and lost my dog during a hiking trip. I feel like I should rot in hell for all my sins. Anyway, I'm glad my current dog, Pacco manage to stay alive with me for 11 years.