Sunday, January 3, 2016

Young Explorer @ 1 Mont Kiara

There are countless of toddler and children gym in Klang Valley. I'm spoil rotten with choices. I know most of them accept babies as young as 6 months. But honestly, 6 months babies are so easy to entertain. You don't need to spend so much on their activities. Save it while you still can.

Last weekend, I visited Noriter at 1 Mont Kiara for the second time. I took the opportunity to went up 3rd floor to check out the Young Explorer. Their gym area was just okay with a decent size to accommodate one class, not something I would consider spacious. Right next to the gym, there is another small area that look something out of American Ninja ala kids version. And opposite of the gym, there is a Montessori classroom.

The reception lady doesn't seems very persuasive or informative, she just answered whatever I asked her without trying to do a sale. Anyway, this is their gym fee and schedule for 2016. The trial class will cost RM40, which I find it surprising since most of the enrichment center nowadays are offering free trial. I decided to wait till my daughter can walk without looking like a drunken sailor before I will consider trying it.

(Young Explorer Gym Fee & Schedule 2016. Click to enlarge.)