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Sale Blitz + Giveaway: Fragments by M. R. Field

Running on Empty #1
by M.R. Field
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 8, 2014


Under the lights, amongst the jazz shoes, blistered feet and caked faces of the dance troupe, you pretend you’re someone else. The melody begins and your body responds. You allow it to weave into your skin until it’s made itself home in your soul. It is that dance that drives you. It is that dance that will continue to save you. It is that dance that will release you.

Until him.

Until your heart can no longer shut him out, even after he’s pushed you away.
You can’t let him in again, can you? There’s only so much of your heart left to give.


She is the reason I can’t stay. The reason that the covered bruises, the lies and the hurt are too much. I am no good for her. But when I see her again, I can’t stay away. Like Dante said, “The path to paradise begins in hell.”

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I glanced up towards Stacey, Kristen, and Brit, expecting some sort of apology, but only Stacey was looking at me, her eyes black pools of emptiness. We both sat staring at each other and I wondered how we even had reached this point. What was so interesting about pursuing me? My thoughts were interrupted when Mr Rogers began initiating a resolution between Stacey and me.
“So ladies, I want these incidents to be forgotten and no further to take place.”
Really? That’s it?
He continued, “Girls, I believe you owe an apology to Beatrice.”  
No freaking way.
Brit and Kristen actually looked apologetic, and there was no mistaking the fury circulating from their parents. They stuttered a heartfelt apology, though I couldn’t return any sort of forgiveness.
When it came to Stacey, she looked directly at me and quietly muttered a sarcastic “Sorry.” A sly smile spread across her face, knowing that once we were done, she’d have the freedom to eventually torment me once again. Well, not on my watch. 
Mr Rogers began shuffling in his seat to leave, looking at me to forgive her. I shook my head and scoffed.
“So, sir, you mean to tell me after four years, and this—” I held up my wrist, “—I get a one-word apology?”
He sighed heavily as though I was inconveniencing him, but instead of allowing him to answer, I continued. “Sir, with all due respect, Stacey can take her apology and shove it up her arse. There is no way in hell that I will sit here and forgive her. I was made to feel humiliated for four years as she attacked me, and not once did I feel safe to approach the teachers. Brit and Kristen have apologised, but I won’t fold for their ringleader. Sorry, sir, but fuck that.”

M R Field is an author from Rural Victoria and has completed a Bachelor's degree with Honours from Latrobe University, Melbourne. After growing up with the river at her front door, she returned back to her hometown after many years of living in the city. She now lives a tranquil lifestyle with her husband and two young children.

M R Field has always held a love for writing, filling journals as a child which progressed to more eloquent pieces as an adult. After ten years of creative instruction, she decided to turn these ideas into manuscripts. She adores creating new story lines and is a big fan of a happily ever after, but believes strongly in making her characters work for it.

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