Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Time and Tide by E. M. Lindsey

Sometimes the universe is chaos, and sometimes it’s kind. If we are meant to be together, we shall be.” 
It's 1897, and fresh from Oxford University, William Owens returns to Maryland to find his entire life planned for him. His law practice, his home, and his wife. Unable to stand up to his mother, William resigns himself to living the life she's chosen for him, until one day the Universe chooses a different path for him.

Literally stumbling into his life, the blind writer, Theodore Renard, changes everything. Confronted with a life he desires, and the love of his life, William must find the courage to stand up to his mother and take his life into his own hands. But none of that comes without a price. Facing heartache and tragedy, William must learn to navigate through the chaos of time and the tide.

(4 stars)

This is my first historical M/M, call it my curiosity, I decided to read it without even looking at the book cover or even finding out who the author is. I just read the blurb and went in blind. 

Set in the late 19th century, Time and Tide tell a heart warming tale of a man in a forbidden love affair and his mother who had a tight controlled over his life. 

When William Owens set foot back in Maryland, his life had been mapped out by his overbearing mother. A bought wife, a sizable dowry and a new client for his law practice. Although he was later bless with a pregnant wife, they were both miserable and he often went home to a spiteful spouse.
They could not all be figures from books, whirlwind romances and deep sea adventures. Most were destined to grow, live, and die in a stagnant place, and they could only hope to leave bits and pieces of stories for the history books.
Throughout the first half of the book, I'm so angry at William's mother and wife. I can't believe he just agree and went along with everything that his mother said. Oh my goodness, William! Grow a backbone!

William's misery remind me that there are many out there who aren't able to make their own destiny and live out the rest of their lives as is, surrendering their fate and giving up hope for true happiness.

Theodore Renard aka Teddy is a blind writer living on his own in the city. A chance encounter between Teddy and William at the beach make these two mans stumble into a love so deep neither can let anyone break them apart and definitely not the evil incarnated evil mother. 
Perhaps in sin, in the wrongness of this affair with both a man and his being married, but he didn't care. He was overwhelmed with finally feeling like he was somewhere he belonged.
Meeting Teddy changed Will tremendously. I sympathize with him before, but the new William who know how to stand for himself is someone I can admire. I'm glad there is a Teddy in his life. I wonder how many other William out there who isn't that lucky and trap in a marriage they despise. 
"If I can wake up with your arms around me every morning, I don't need a heaven when I die."
Let's talk about the sex shall we. Who those dirty reader, there are some sex scenes to satisfy our craving. When I was reading this, I keep wondering what they will use since there isn't any no commercial lube available. Well, I got my question answered, sorta. 

The first half of the book was on a slow side and addition to it being a period read whereby things are describe in a different way compare to a contemporary read, I find myself jumping into another book in the meantime. But as I continued, I find myself pulled into William and Teddy's story. 

I don't want to give out the spoiler, but I had to say I love the last quarter of the book so much more than the first half, which totally make me bump my rating from a 3 stars to 4 stars. I won't go into details of what took place, but I'm loving the strong relationship between Will and Teddy and the fate they have for each other. They both have overcome so much in their journey together and I'm so glad to be able to see how their life evolve throughout the years. What a brilliant way to end a remarkable story.
There had been a lot of pain, but so much joy. He could regret none of it because he could honestly say his life was complete now.
On a side note, this is one powerful speech by Teddy,
"Don't for a second think this country needs you. Do not for a second think your life matters to them. These are the wars of angry, power-hungry men who do not care about the lives they destroy."

E.M. Lindsey grew up loving literature and history, both reflected in her work. Growing up between Europe and the US, she's been given a unique perspective on life which she uses to craft her worlds of fiction. She currently resides in the south western United states with her loving family.