Sunday, August 16, 2015

Excerpt Tour + Giveaway: An Alpha's Choice by Carrie Ann Ryan

The Bestselling Redwood Pack continues with the Talon Pack series. 

A Broken Wolf. A Fractured Bond. A Fate Denied.

Brynn Brentwood has spent the whole of her life protecting the Talon Pack through terrors only she will ever know. She’s never asked for more in life other than to live to take her next breath and to ensure her family is safe. Regardless of her selfless wishes and the atrocities the former Alpha committed, she has always known that fate would provide for her as it had countless others. Fate is what has carried her through with one exception—upon meeting the one wolf who could be hers, he doesn’t feel their bond.

Finn Jamenson has been broken more than once, left beaten and half dead—and that was before he was an adult and Heir of the Redwood Pack. When called upon to work with their allies, the Talons, he finds himself intrigued with a woman who his wolf doesn’t claim as his own. Though he knows there could be something there, he refuses to tempt himself with a wolf who could never be his when his own mate could waiting for him.

The world changed in a blink of time and now the two wolves must fight as one—ignoring the burning temptation between them—when their people are threatened. With one wrong move, their homes could be destroyed and its up to Finn and Brynn to save them all…if only they could save themselves.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she snapped. Her wolf glowed in her eyes, but he scented her arousal, tasted it on his tongue. She wanted him.
“Doing what we should have done a year ago,” he growled. 
Then he did something spectacularly brilliant and idiotic at the same time. 
He kissed her.
He had his hands on hers, pinning her to the wall. The bricks had to be digging into her back, but he knew she’d take it. Then maybe she’d pin him later and let him feel that pain, as well. She gasped against his mouth then opened, her tongue sliding along the seam of his lips. He groaned, tangling his tongue with hers, her sweet and exotic taste bursting on his tongue. He rocked against her, his erection pressing firmly into her flat belly. She wrapped a leg around his thigh, pulling him closer, making him want to beg for more. When she arched against him, her nipples pressing into his chest, he groaned into her mouth. He wanted to tangle his fingers in her hair, wanted to run his hands down her sides, cup her breasts, undo her pants and feel her wet heat.
Yet he didn’t do any of that.
Not then.
Instead, he kissed her harder, wanting every ounce of her.
Before he could take a breath, she slashed his hands with her claws and he winced, pulling back ever so slightly. She pushed at his chest and he moved back more. 
She’d kissed him back, had pressed her body to his, but she’d pushed him at the end. He’d moved because she’d pushed, but he’d fucked up. He opened his mouth to apologize, not knowing what the fuck had just happened, but before he could get out a word, she slapped him.
Claws and all.
The metallic stench of blood filled his nostrils and he knew she’d cut his face as well as his hands.
“Why?” she gasped, her eyes wide. “Why?”

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan never thought she’d be a writer. Not really. No, she loved math and science and even went on to graduate school in chemistry. Yes, she read as a kid and devoured teen fiction and Harry Potter, but it wasn’t until someone handed her a romance book in her late teens that she realized that there was something out there just for her. When another author suggested she use the voices in her head for good and not evil, The Redwood Pack and all her other stories were born.

Carrie Ann is a bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas and has so much more on her mind (and on her spreadsheets *grins*) that she isn’t planning on giving up her dream anytime soon.

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