Saturday, August 1, 2015

ARC Review: Property of Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz

Property of Bad Boy
by Vanessa Waltz


I didn’t know the meaning of tied down, unless it involved a hot chick lashed to a bedpost under me. Live hard. F*ck harder. That's how I liked it.

Until Beatrice.

She was an olive branch from the Motorcycle Club, the club's own daughter, a peace offering.

She's everything I hate. Everything I've resisted. Everything I suddenly want to claim, starting with those curves driving me crazy.

And now I’ve knocked her up.

The MC wants her back, but I'm not in a giving mood. She's mine and I’m never letting her go.

A fight’s headed my way, but I’m ready. She’s my woman, my wife, my property. I'll kill anybody who tries to take her - or my kid - away.

(4 stars)

Property of the Bad Boy might seems like just another mafia book, but I found it refreshing that this story didn't always conformed to my preconceived notion of such similar theme book. Vanessa managed to create some uniquely flawed characters that drew me in and have a few surprises up her sleeves.

Jack is one of the member of the Cravotto crime family. The story started with him full of rage, being angry of his brother's murder. He is all alone in this and suspected everyone around him. There are some conflict between the Italians and the MC gang that seems to be a carryover plot from the previous books. I'm not sure how much of Jack was featured there, I just try to enjoy this as a standalone.

In order to form an alliance, Jack was forced by his boss, Johnny, to marry a biker chick from their nemesis. He might despise everything about the sham, but he can't deny that he will enjoy every minute of fucking Beatrice. 

"I'll hate you, but I'll love fucking you"

The romance is not the typical flower and roses or the usual hate/lust that I'd read before. In the beginning, I feel that Jack really just treated her like a piece of ass. Some of his action might not make you feel all googly eyes to him. But damn.... I can't deny that his forceful ways are freaking hot. It was really no-hold-barred and I'm-not-a-gentleman kind of sex.

Beatrice is one of the black sheep of the MC family. The arranged marriage might scare her, but she was even more scared of her future in the MC. She might not be able to marry for love, but at least Jack seems to like her body, so she manage to deal with it. I didn't have much to talk about Beatrice, but I think she was a pretty decent heroine, the kind of girl who always stand by her husband.

They used to just enjoy the fucking, but slowly we see how they shift from being miserable to caring for one another. I like that they both didn't act like those cookie cutter characters in other mafia story. They are flawed and unique in their own way. There is such raw honesty between them. 

Meanwhile, Jack is flying off the handle at every chance that provoke him. He is all kind of violent and a scary gangbanger. The politics in the family is in chaos and he is adamant to find out who killed his brother. 

I love the little twist that Vanessa thrown in towards the end and throughout the read I had no idea how it will ends for Jack. I feel so much for him and just wish he can be happy and have his peace with his brother. 

Overall, I liking this one. It make me want to read Johnny and Maya's story and maybe get a little of Jack in there. The ending pretty much wrapped up everything neatly. I wonder is there any more books in the series. Definitely gonna find out from the author later.

"Make me marry your biker bitch? Fine, but I'm not giving her back."

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