Friday, July 10, 2015

Release + ARC Review: The Missing Vol 1, Illusion by A. Meredith Walters

A brand new 3 part serial thriller

Secrets, Secrets are no fun…
Where is Nora Gilbert?

“The Contradiction of Solitude was crazy, wait until you see what's going on with Nora!”


Concrete floor…
Dirty windows…
Impenetrable shadows….

Where am I?

Days bleed into one another and I know that I’m trapped. A prisoner.

But why?

I have no answers and no one to give them to me. Only the silence and the dark.

Except for the song.
The words tell a story that I wish I could forget.

About a girl who didn’t run fast enough.

A forgotten girl…
A lost girl…
A girl no one would miss…


Review ( 4 stars )

This is not a romance, at least not yet. I don't know whether is there gonna be a HEA in the horizon. The hopeless romantic in me definitely wish for it.

This 100+ pages short read make me feel so damn homicidal, angry and depressed. It was told from the POV of a facially disfigured girl named Nora Gilbert

Nora woke up being captured and without any human contact. She recounted her life with her family and friends that make you wish you could whisk her away from the horrible place. 

Her mum is horrible. I don't condone violence, but her mum really makes me wish Nora will attempt filicide

It seems like everyone around her is horrible to her including the church creepy reverend. 

Bradley - I don't know what to make of him yet. He seems protective of Nora, yet there is something holding me back. I really wish for him to be the hero of the story.

Maren - Who is she?! Seems a bit too good to be true.

My heart was palpating throughout the entire read. There is so much anger in me that I felt like hulk smashing my kindle. Gah! I need to know the ending asap! It seems like a big twist is in the horizon. If this end badly, I will need to have a woman to woman talk with A. Meredith Walters.


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