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Blog Tour ARC Review + Giveaway: An Obsession with Vengeance by Nancy Haviland

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An Obsession with Vengeance CoverAn Obsession with Vengeance by Nancy Haviland
Wanted Men #3
Publication Date: July 21, 2015

Genres: Contemporary, Organized Crime, Romance

Maksim Kirov is a mobster who gets what he wants, both at his posh gentleman’s club in Hell’s Kitchen and in the bedroom. Sexy, dangerous, and obsessed with control, he’s risen through the ranks to become a highly respected leader in the tight-knit Tarasov crime syndicate. He rules with an iron fist…until he meets Sydney Martin.
The Australian-born Sydney is determined to refuse Maks’s advances, despite their electrifying chemistry. The owner of a neighboring nightclub, Sydney rules her own domain. But when a deal with a Mexican drug cartel goes terribly wrong, she has no choice but to turn to Maksim and the Tarasov organization for protection. Could giving in to their intense attraction be what saves both Maks and Sydney? Or will their all-consuming passion—and her shocking secret—destroy their lives? In the hot and scandalous third installment of the Wanted Men series, lust and loyalty clash in New York’s mob underworld.

*NOTE* All books in the Wanted Men series can be read as standalones.

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(4 stars)

I wish this 369 pages book is LONGER! I need more Maksim and Sydney. I'm a little miff with other supporting characters stealing their page time. Staring at Lore. 

Before I start, let me just confess that I read An Obsession with Vengeance purely as a standalone. The previous characters are featured prominently especially Vasily, their head honcho. Although I'm a little confused with their connection with each other, it didn't bother me much and slowly I get the gist of everything that happened previously. 

Sydney is a single mum and the new club owner, originated from Australia. I bet she named herself after her hometown. When Sydney had angered a Mexican mobster and had no freaking clue how to get herself out from the mess, she decided to call upon the sexy and dangerous Russian that had been 'befriending' her currently. For all she knew, Maksim just wanted to sleep with her and be done with it. 

Maksim Kirov is part of the Tarasov crime family, I don't think he had a specific position, but definitely in the higher up and has pseudo father-and-son relationship with the big boss. He was painted as someone ruthless and total manwhore. But honestly, I felt like in this entire book he was living like a monk until Sydney finally gave in to him. A little applause there for his good behavior, although there is a little moment of stupidity when he was getting confused with his feelings for her.

I love Maksim, especially after learning about his childhood. Poof! Goner. He might had a history of being a manwhore, but once he starts targeting Sydney, she is all he wants. The way he forced himself into her life is kinda cute too. A big bad Russian trying so hard to win his woman. Although there are many times he keep telling himself, 'don't feel more for her', 'don't care too much for her'. But no matter how much he tried to psycho himself, he is a goner when it comes to that woman. After finding out that she is in danger from the Mexican, we see Maksim in all his alpha-protective-glory.

Sydney was a pretty kickass heroine as well. She is a mother and a provider for her son and she is doing her best to keep him safe, including trying not to get involve with Maksim. She is attracted to him, but she is making the right choice by not jumping head over heel over it. I find that she is a pretty sensible woman even with her fiasco with the Mexican.

Overall, An Obsession with Vengeance is a kickass mafia story. We have a protective anti-hero with a tortured past, a likable heroine, just the right amount of sex scenes, great cast of supporting characters and thrown in some action and suspense, it was one hell of a ride.

On a side note, I wish Papa Vasily is going to get his own HEA. This guy desperately needs one.

She shuffled, kicking her toe at something that had fossilized in the asphalt. “I know who you are.”
“Really, Australia?” He dropped his arms and drifted closer, knowing she didn’t have a fucking clue who he really was. “And who am I?”
Her attention flashed to his mouth and then away. “You and your friends are . . .” Her lips turned down, and she shrugged a shoulder. “I’m actually not sure what you call yourselves; gangsters, mobsters, Mafioso . . . ?”
 “Try businessmen,” he whispered with an edge to his voice that she couldn’t miss. She blinked those amazing eyes of hers up at him, looking as though she’d just thought of something. He watched with way too much interest as a slew of emotions flew across her flawless face, none of them staying long enough for him to address. But he hadn’t missed the three most prominent: fear, regret, and then a wide-eyed fuck-that. Now she was—infuriatingly—moving on, seemingly unfazed by the tone he’d used. A tone that normally had men twice her size taking a step back.
“Okay,” she agreed. “You’re businessmen that people have a healthy respect for. You get what you want when you want it, no matter who you have to go through to get it. Right?”
He couldn’t speak for his friends, but he supposed she had his public reputation nailed down. His hand came up, and he hooked his pinkie in a thick strand of her hair, watching it shimmer under the security lights as he drew his finger down its length. “If I am who you say, I suppose I should just take you. No matter how much you protest.”
He had the pleasure of watching her pink tongue come out to swipe nervously across her full lips, her eyes darting around the empty alley they stood in. His pleasure died when he saw the return of the fear that had made a brief appearance in her expression a second ago. She brought her arms from around her back and lazily cut one through the air, reclaiming that lock of spun silk. “Where would the fun be in that?”
Her bravado was admirable. But unnecessary. See? She didn’t know him at all. “Relax, beauty,” he said soothingly. “I don’t want it if it isn’t freely given.”
Her mouth twisted. “And I’m sure it is more often than it’s not.” Her brow puckering let him know she hadn’t meant to share that observation, and he had to hide a grin.
“You’d know what that’s like.”
“The difference is, I don’t want it.”
“Why is that?” Curiosity was annoying.
“Just because.”
So was she.
“Do you often stalk your women like this?” she asked casually.
“Hmm. Now we’re getting somewhere.” He bent, coming in as close as he dared. Damn she was tiny. “You’re coming to see yourself as my woman.”
“You wish.” She half laughed in a soft burst.
It was really more of a scoff, but whatever. Her white teeth glittered through a smile that nailed him right behind his zipper. And, yes, he did wish.
“You didn’t answer my question. Do you stalk regularly? And does this approach normally work for you?”
He refused to tell her the truth: that he’d never had to work so hard before. “I’m not stalking you; I’ve befriended you. There’s a difference. If I was stalking you, you’d never know it.” He gave her what he hoped was a reassuring wink. “Yet another thing we can discuss over drinks, you and I.” He withdrew his phone from the inside pocket of his coat and opened his contacts. “I understand it’s getting late and you’ll be opening soon, so why not give me your private number and I’ll call you tomorrow. We can set something up. Full name and spelling?” He sounded like a fucking cop.
He looked up when nothing was forthcoming and sighed at the obstinate tilt of her chin. The sparkle dancing in her eyes reassured him she was more entertained than frightened. Ah well, it had been worth a try. He pocketed his phone. “What do you have against giving me an hour for a sit-down?”
She ignored his question, as she did a lot. “I underestimated your tenacity. I thought you’d be bored of this long before now. Why haven’t you moved on? Found someone more willing to play this game with you?”

“Because you’re a challenge, and I’m not going to leave your ass alone until I’ve had it.”

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Nancy Haviland

Nancy Haviland is the author of the bestselling romantic suspense series, WANTED MEN. She writes about her alpha mobsters and their ladies from her home near Toronto, Ontario. She has three children, an arrogant but playful kitty named Talbot, and she adores her Tim Horton's coffee, as any self-respecting Canadian would. She writes contemporary romantic suspense but will happily read anything that involves two people smooching.