Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ARC Review: Delusive by Courtney Lane


Please note, this is a Bisexual Dark Romance
My name is Hanley Harper—for now—and I’m the anti-heroine of this story. 
Revenge is my fuel; it energizes me when I'm running on empty. 

Elias Cari is a tool for retribution and the beginning of the new start. Unbeknownst to him, there is more to me than I will ever show him. He will know exactly who I am when it’s too late—when I’m done with him. 

I'm quickly closing in on the the perfect place to avenge the crimes committed against my family. The place where Elias is least likely to expect an enemy to be. 
Beneath him. 

A problem hits me unexpectedly. 
Elias has become a welcome addiction, and I've become his obsession. He won't stop exerting control over me until I've become his exclusive possession. 

How can so many things go wrong and feel so right? 

My plan is damned…or is it? 

Content contains violence, graphic sex, coarse language, and scenes that some readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is advised. 

(3 stars)

My first book of Courtney Lane, but definitely won't be my last because this woman know how to write some crazy stuff. Whether I hate it or love it, I'm intrigue with the madness she crafted.

Elias Cari is a fucking asshole of epic proportion. 

Hanley Harper is a woman who claimed she wanted revenge for her family. But half the time I think she is a clueless naive little woman.

They meet, they dance around each other, they fuck and meanwhile Elias showed that he is a total psychopath. Actually for the first 70%, I'm clueless as to the direction of the story because I don't see Hanley's game plan.

Their toxic relationship can be summed up as below:

"You suck the life out of the woman I'm supposed to be and you fill what's empty with you. I don't know who I am when I'm around you."
"You know who you've become, you just don't recognize her. You've become mine."

The issue I want to address :
1. Elias - I love Anthony Rawlings and Liam Callahan. So I have no problem with psychopath. My problem is Elias' reactions whenever Hanley ignore or leave him. He is sick. I felt that his issue was just being overlook at the end of the story.

2. Hanley - I thought she is gonna be a badass like the anti-heroine in Gypsy Brothers series. She keep saying to her father 'We are going to do it!', but I don't see her doing anything beside of going to work and getting stalk by Elias. She threaten to leave Elias one too many times, only to have him whipped out his dick and she will climb all over him like a cat in heat.

3. F/F/M - Going in I knew there is F/F/M scene. When I read the first one, I was okay. But when it happened repeatedly, I'm getting annoyed. It make me questions both the main characters.

The only thing that make Elias slightly redeemable in my eyes is his loyalty and devotion to Hanley. Although he is beyond obsess with her in a totally unhealthy way. Why she keep going back to him is also beyond my comprehension. In a way they are made for each other with their brand of craziness. 

The last 30% gave me some severe whiplash that I think it just save the book for me. I like Courtney Lane's guts for writing such an unconventional book. I enjoyed the no hold barred brutality and the monkey sex. I just wish I could like Elias and Hanley more.