Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ARC Review: Defending Pacer by T. J. Hamilton


Chelsea Tanner’s career as a defence lawyer is rapidly climbing. Her strong ethics and sharp wit in the courtroom has paved her way into becoming an associate of Sydney’s top law firm. She hasn’t lost a single case in her short but successful career. Law is her life, living and breathing it leaves little time for anything more. When a member from the infamous Legano Family is up on a murder charge, Chelsea finds more.

Pacer Fratelli is dark, hard and completely consumed by his new defence lawyer. Chelsea and Pacer’s worlds couldn’t be further apart but he wants more … and what Pacer wants, Pacer gets.

When bad love feels so good, just how far would you go to defend it?

(2 stars)

The lawyer and the criminal

I'm intrigued by the premise of the story with the heroine being the criminal defense lawyer and the anti-hero who is of course the criminal being charged for homicide.

I want sparks. I want a bit of forbidden romance. I want the heroine to question her integrity. I want the hero to be reserve and professional. I didn't get what I want though.

Pacer Fratelli is the anti-hero that I just couldn't warm up to. I don't get to know much about his past and I don't know his motivation. I'm okay with pushing the hard limits, I had no problem with murderer, but I need to understand his motivation and maybe salvage some redeemable quality in him. But I didn't get it.

And the part that bother me most is his action in the beginning, which never get address even towards the end. His gives me the feeling of being stalkerish and totally creepy. It just wouldn't do. The creepy part happened quite early on the story, so I let it pass and see how it is going to get handle later. But no... it was swept under the rug and never brought up again.

Don't let me get started on the heroine. I don't understand why she hates her colleague so much, but get all hots for her criminal client.

I ended up skimming the book until 70% before I decided to call it off.