Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Guns n' Boys: Paris ( Guns n' Boys #1.3 ) by K. A. Merikan

Guns n' Boys: Paris by KA Merikan

This is a short story special accompanying Book 1 of ‘Guns n’ Boys’. It doesn’t pick up after the end of Book 1, but is a story of what happened to Dom and Seth on Christmas Eve in Paris.

--- Midnight Mass might have to wait ---

All Seth wants is a Christmas Eve to remember, with the man he loves. When Dom invites him to Paris, his dreams are about to come true. But the man waiting in the apartment they are to stay at changes the course of the trip. To Seth’s surprise, religion is a bigger issue for Dom than he’d thought, and it’s on a collision course with Seth’s atheism.

Their first Christmas together might end up memorable for all the wrong reasons.



Review ( 4 stars )

I'm a bit confused about when did their little side trip to Paris took place. I know is during Christmas, duh. From what I read in #1.2, Dom planned the Paris getaway, but it didn't actually happened and then all hell break loose. So I guess this is a alternate reality or deleted scene?

Anyway, I love every moment with these guys and Christmas in Paris? What can be more romantic than that?

Seth and Dom always have the most outrageous argument and their angst are simply too delicious because they tend to end up with some seriously hot make up sex. And this time Seth and Dom having a go at their difference in religious belief. For those who are sensitive towards this issue, proceed with caution!

"What's wrong with you? You fucking kill people! And now you pretend you have some personal connection with God? Or did that personal connection come from an anal connection with Mr. Priest, huh?" ~ Seth

Rating 4/5