Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: Guns n' Boys: Homicidal Instinct ( Guns n' Boys #2 ) by K. A. Merikan

Homicidal Instinct by KA Merikan

--- You can take a killer's memory, but not his instinct ---

All Seth wants is to live free with the man he loves. But escaping death at the hands of the mafia is just the beginning of an uphill struggle. When Domenico wakes up from his impromptu surgery and doesn’t even remember Seth’s name, Seth’s world falls apart. Suddenly it’s him who has to plan an escape from New York City and navigate their way to Mexico. All that without even knowing if the man of his life will ever love him again.

Domenico doesn’t know who to trust and what to believe. The man who introduces himself as his brother seems to hide dark secrets behind a cheerful smile. With the mafia breathing down their necks, there is no time to piece together the puzzle of Domenico’s life, and each time he thinks he’s solved it, a new part appears to be missing. Dom needs to find out who he really is, what he’s capable of... and what is the real story hidden behind Seth’s intense eyes. 




I love being back with my favorite mafia boys! On a side not, do we still consider them as mafia since they are on the run away from the Family? Anyway, reading Seth and Dom's antiques and bizarre adventures bring me a sense of comfort like having chicken soup on a rainy day. 

In #2 Homicidal Instinct, poor Seth was like a headless chicken with Dom being out of commission. The blurb already spoiled me with what happened to Dom after their ordeal at the end of #1.2, so it was not all that surprising. I enjoyed seeing this new side of Dom that is unsure of everything, but it didn't take him long to recover back to his natural asshole-ish way. I still wanted to slug him most the time when he bullied Seth. Old habit die hard despite memory loss, eh.


As for Seth, can he be any more cute? I know he hates anyone calling him that, but I really need my own Seth to provide me with some FOODgasm. His ability to come up with new dishes and sinful food every time amazed me. I wonder did the authors love cooking or they just make it up as it goes. Deep fried Snicker bars? Can anything be more sinful than that? Although Seth's naivety and clueless-ness still baffled me, I just want to hug him protectively even more.


Although the pacing for the first half of the book was quite slow and overall the plot development didn't move forward much, I enjoyed every moment I had with these boys. They bicker, they fight, they annoyed each other and then they will have some hot make up sex. What's not to love? We do get some action though towards the last 30%, Dom's badass-ness is awesome, cruel and graphic as usual. 

"You know how I want to die? I want to fall asleep next to you and never wake up."
"Hope we'll both be very old by then. With broken bodies. I don't want you to leave me behind."

Anxiously anticipating #3 now. I'm ready for Seth and Dom to move on to the next chapter of their life. But please keep Dana to a minimum, I don't need some pussy around them.

Rating 4/5