Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Fire & Dark ( Night Horde SoCal #3 ) by Susan Fanetti

Fire & Dark by Susan Fanetti

Connor Elliott is Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde SoCal. He was brought up in the MC life and has never wanted anything else. But he’s found out the hard way that love and the outlaw life don’t always mix. Now he avoids romantic entanglements.

Pilar Cordero is a firefighter in San Bernardino County. Her demanding career has taken its toll, so she, too, has decided to live her life without romance. She focuses on her friends and her family and takes physical fulfillment when and where she wants it.

When Connor and Pilar meet, best-laid plans quickly go awry.

In the midst of their struggle to understand the power of their connection and reconcile what they thought they wanted with what they know they need, Pilar’s family and Connor’s club collide. The result is explosive, and the aftermath leaves no one unscarred.

Can they come through the fire and dark together?




Connor Elliot is the Horde's SAA and the son of the President. So far, he had been enjoying his life as an outlaw biker, tapping chicks half his age and constantly wearing his devilish smirk. 

Pilar Cordero is the town firefighter. Her tough woman exterior reminds me of Lilli from Signal Bend. Initially when she was introduced as someone who enjoy fucking stranger at the back of a bar, I'm worried that she is too tough for her own good. Her competitive streak also threw me in a loop. Why does she need to win in everything?

They both have this combustible chemistry, but are too much of a coward to admit they wanted more out of it. Connor might seems like douche at first, but I chalked it up to this being a hardcore MC, so his douchey action didn't faze me. 

However, no matter how much I like Connor, I don't see him as a great romantic hero here because he didn't get enough chance to showcase his heroic stunt to make me swoon. When Pilar came to him for help with her little brother, that's the only moment that I see something in him that might make Pilar fall for him. But other than that.... hmm, too much drama with the Horde and his family for him to really shine. Instead, I'm fascinated with Trick and Hoosier/Bibi.

Another thing that annoyed me is the whole 'Moore' situation. I tend to dislike reading about heroine having a best male buddy. Connor might seems like a jealous prick, but imagine if the situation is reverse with Connor having a close girl buddy, we will be throwing rotten eggs at him. So I call this bullshit and totally hate Pilar fussing over Moore.

Even with some squabble I had with this book, I find myself truly engrossed with everything that went down in Fire & Dark. Susan Fanetti always had the knack for stirring up the drama to make me freaking out for her characters. I can't wait for Trick's book. And the thing with La Zorra and her shady husband? I hope Susan will consider writing about them. Seeing that they are not part of the MC, the chance might be slim though.

Rating 4/5