Monday, June 8, 2015

ARC Review: Honored by B. B. Hamel

Honored by BB Hamel

I’m a player and a criminal, but I still have my honor . . . 

I live to make money and get laid, a new girl every night. 

Until I get caught up in the middle of a Mob war.

All because of her, Ellie Boucher, my kid brother’s gorgeous kindergarten teacher and the unluckiest girl in the entire city. When she stumbles onto something she shouldn’t see, the Mob’s new leader orders me to silence her forever. 

But I can’t, and when I turn my back on the Mob to save the life of a girl I barely know, I’m scrambling to keep her alive and to make her mine.

Every day is more dangerous than the next, especially with her f**king perfect curves distracting me from what I need to do.

It’s time to protect the woman I want before the city leaves us behind.

This title contains mature content (explicit sexual situations, mature language, and violence), and is recommended for audiences 18+.

HONORED is a full-length, standalone novel.




This is my first BB Hamel and I decided to give this a try when the blurb caught my interest. I always love a good mafia story and in Honored, we have this mafia guy who was attracted to a kindergarten teacher. Hmm...sounds fascinating.

From the first page when Liam Sullivan was introduced, he seems like a sleazy manwhore, which turned me off. But I quickly warmed up to him when I get to know him better. Liam is the middle management of the Irish Mob, minding his own territory and businesses. But the Mob new boss, Colm Brennan want Liam to dirty his hand. 

To me, Liam is very much a beta hero. He prefer laying low and avoid the violence. However, when push comes to shove he can still get things done even if he hates it. But when he was ordered to hit on his kid brother's kindergarten teacher, Liam find himself unable to cross the line to harm an innocent bystander. 

Ellie Boucher knew of Liam through his kid brother, Ritchie. She only meet him twice but felt an undeniable attraction to him. One night while walking her dog, Ellie witnessed something that she was not supposed to, her entire life turned upside down and Liam turned out to be the only person who can keep her safe.

Honored was told in dual POV and I find myself actually enjoying more of Liam's POV. Despite him not being an alpha male, I was interest in his whole dilemma with the mob. He turned from being part of the family to being a pariah and hiding himself overnight due to him wanting to save an innocent woman. I wonder how is he going to get himself out of the mess and avoid getting kill. 

As for Ellie, I think she lack a certain depth. Beside of mentioning she had an history with drugs, I felt like I didn't really know her. I also felt that her POV lack of substance and mostly act as filler. Her feelings towards Liam was all over the place too. She was attracted to him, but at the same time think he is a complete asshole. Maybe woman is that contradicting. 

I find the editing and the flow was pretty solid, but some of the details was a tad too much. For example, the mentioned of keys, unlocking door, opening it and stepping through the threshold. I'm a rather impatient reader, so I prefer 'chop chop, get to the point'. 

Since I'm a romance reader at heart, I need to judge this based on the romance part, which I think it lack of chemistrybetween the H/h. I felt they were more like casual acquaintances who hooked up instead of something more. The sex scenes were well done, but the emotional connection isn't strong enough. So I don't find myself rooting for them, even though I'm happy that Liam got the girl in the end.

Overall, I think Honored had a good premise. The mob part of the book with Liam running all around finding solution kept me engage, but the romance need a bit more work to make me hook with the couple.

Rating 3/5