Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ARC Review: Cannon ( A Step Brother Romance #3 ) by Sabrina Paige

Cannon by Sabrina Paige

You might think you've heard every story of forbidden love. But you haven't heard ours.

Hendrix "Cannon" Cole is a damaged, sexy-as-hell ex-Marine. And he's my stepbrother.

I'm a country singer in the spotlight.

Our history is complicated. I used to hate him. Then I loved him. Then I hated him again.

When he joined the Marines five years ago, I thought he was gone forever.
Now he's back.

I have everything to lose. He has nothing left.

The heat between us is explosive.

And both of us may wind up getting burned.




Addy is a famous country singer in Nashville, a total atta girl. While, Hendrix, her step brother is the black sheep of the family and rebellious boy. He blame it on his hormones. When they first met each other during their teenage years, they have this wild attraction between them, but unable to act on them. So Hendrix resort to being an ass, as usual.

Five years later, Hendrix came back a changed man from the Marine and end up being Addy's bodyguard cum babysitter. 

Whenever I picked up a Sabrina Paige book, I expect to enjoy the fun sexy romp without hurting my brain with the drama llama. In this third book, I can see Sabrina tried to form a stronger emotional connection between the H/h by having some meaningful flashbacks between these two step-siblings and refrain them from acting impulsively on their attraction. But I felt a tad disappointed that the entire first half was emphasizing on their unrequited love. The feelings get quite repetitive after awhile. I miss the whole reckless sexy romp like the one I got in Prick. For me waiting until 50% for the sex is a long wait. There is a hint of PTSD on Hendrix's part, but it was not dealt with in detail. There is a opportunity to explore more on that if Sabrina wants to change the tone of the book into a more serious one. 

Overall, the tone of Cannon is at the borderline. Not too serious, but not enough sex for me to categorize as a guilty pleasure read. I would prefer Sabrina to take the plunge and settle for either one of the extreme. Either give me lotsa sex or get all serious and make me cry.

Rating 3/5