Friday, May 8, 2015

Review: Last Kiss ( Hitman #3 ) by Jessica Clare

Last Kiss by Jessica Clare

Naomi: When I was kidnapped I thought only of survival. I don’t thrive well in chaos. That’s why I gave my captors exactly what they wanted: my skill with computers. Making millions for a crime lord who kept me imprisoned in his basement compound kept my family safe. When he was taken out, I thought my ticket to freedom had arrived. Wrong. I traded one keeper for another. This time I’m in the hands of a scarred, dark, demanding Russian who happens to be the head of the Bratva, a Russian crime organization. He wants my brain and my body. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued, but I can’t be a prisoner matter how good he makes me feel.

Vasily: At a young age, I was taught that a man without power is a puppet for all. I’ve clawed—and killed—my way to the top so that it is my heel on their necks. But to unify the fractured organization into an undefeatable machine, I need a technological genius to help me steal one particular artifact. That she is breathtaking, determined, and vulnerable is making her more dangerous than all of my enemies combined. But only I can keep her safe from the world that she now inhabits. Soon, I must choose between Naomi and Bratva law. But with every day that passes, this becomes a more impossible choice.




Meet the surly Russian mafia and the germaphob American hacker

This might just be the best of the Hitman series yet. We've met Vasily Petrovich since the beginning of the series. He is some big shot in the Bratva and had allegiance with the two heroes, Nikolai and Daniel in the previous books. However, this can still work as a standalone, if you don't have the time to cover the grounds. In the previous book when Daniel was trying to save his sister, Naomi, only to have Vasily shipped her away instead. 

Vasily, the brooding mafia wish to seize control the Petrovich Bratva after the assassination of their leader. The only thing standing in his way now is the missing Caravaggio painting. In order to track down the treasured artifact, Vasily had to gain the assistance from a renowned hacker, who turned out to be Naomi.

Naomi is one of a kind heroine, an Aspie hacker who is also a total germaphob. I've read a lot of books with Aspie's character, they usually make you feel pity and depressed, but Naomi just make you want to laugh at her quirks. I'm fascinated with the way her minds work. 

"I think about all the fluids and horrible unclean things that come with sex.."

Vasily might no longer be a foot soldier, but he is still very much a deadly hitman when his skill is needed. I love getting a front row seat of all the violence that dish out by Vasily. Surprisingly, Naomi turned out to be his perfect sidekick.

"You saw me kill two men. This does not frighten you? Most women would be sobbing and weeping in a corner."
"I don't know those men. Should I be upset?"
"I am not sure if this makes you a sociopath or the perfect woman."

What makes this such as awesome read is that both Vasily and Naomi had their own quirks and they were so totally awkward in the beginning. The way Vasily mind works was as efficient and precise like clockwork. Get the job down, no attachment, kill everyone who stand in your way. At one point, I even suspect Vasily might be an Aspie himself. But I think he just happened to be raise that way, guarding his emotion to avoid being vulnerable. 

"How many enemies do you have?"
"All that are not friends are my enemies."
"Okay, how many friends do you have?"
He is silent.
"I will be your friend, Vasily."

Vasily was not dealing well with his sudden budding desire for Naomi because he was usually not a sexual person. I've gotta say this is a first for me reading about a hero who downplay his own sexuality. The way he was so attuned to Naomi's quirk and needs is plain swoon worthy. He might be broody, stoic and had as much charisma as a block of ice, but his action speaks louder than words. They complement each other so well, like Bonnie and Clyde. I'm not condoning violence, but Naomi really is the best partner in crime to have. 

How can you not root for this unlikely duo? When I started this book, I was skeptical with Vasily's mission all for a piece of oil and canvas, but with the romance, the violence, the action, the visit to fetish sex clubs and Daniel's cameo, it ended up being my best read of the series. Daniel's reaction to Naomi's detailed description of her sex life was priceless. I can't wait for the next book. I wonder who is the upcoming hero. 

"Dig in your claws. Mark me with your teeth. Make me yours, Naomi."

"I love you, Nadya. I have lived a worthy life now that I have had the chance to love you."

Rating 5/5