Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review: Revive ( Storm MC #3 ) by Nina Levine

Revive by Nina Levine

He doesn’t do relationships. Neither does she. But they can’t fight the attraction any longer…

Nash Walker hides the demons that consume his soul. He buries them deep and distracts himself with sex. Anything to avoid facing a past full of heartbreak and regret; anything to numb the pain that he struggles with daily.

Velvet Carr has spent years fighting her demons. It’s a fight she’s winning. That is, until Nash crashes his way into her life and into her heart. 

It started out as a bit of harmless fun between friends; it wasn’t meant to get complicated for either of them. But when two broken souls come together and arouse unwanted feelings in each other, complicated is what happens. 

Can Nash and Velvet help heal each other and revive the love in their lives that they’ve both been refusing to allow in for years? Or will they let their demons ruin any chance they may have at happiness?




I have to say I'm surprised how good Revive is compare to the previous two books in the Storm MC series. I'm glad I decided to stick with the series.

Nash Walker is the Storm MC brother introduced in prior books, but I didn't paid much attention to him apart from noticing that he had something going on with Velvet, the stripper.

Velvet, a stripper working in Indigo, the strip club owned by the Storm MC. Apparently she and Nash had a platonic friendship ever since she started working there, which was four years ago. All this time, they remained close, despite Nash trying to hit on her time and time again only to have her not giving in because they don't want to ruin the friendship they had. 

After one blow out between them that ended with them having a cold war, things become awkward because they both had feelings for each other. This awkward dance they had was fun to watch. Nash was acting all weird and avoiding her and Velvet was left feeling 'what the fuck was wrong with him'? 

What I like about Velvet is she this upfront chick who doesn't play mind games and don't hide away her feelings. There were many occasions whereby she just gave it straight to Nash, which left him feeling flabbergasted and shocked.

"I'm not a fake friend who is happy to let shit slide. If you want that, you won't find it with me, so I suggest you go back to your skanks, who I'm sure would be happy to provide you with a shallow friendship and a place to stick your dick."

Nash is never the perfect hero by miles. If I were to list out all his flaws, is gonna be pretty long. He was the kind of manwhore that I want to have him checked for STDs. Seriously, his dick is like a free for all buffet for everyone with a pussy. I know he is hiding a secret past of his life from everyone and it hurt him tremendously. He uses sex to numb himself. I know it sounded totally lame. But once Nash came around and admit that he want Velvet and not just as a friend, he was totally swoon worthy. He redeemed his character in every way.

Nash and Velvet both had a past marriage that didn't work out for them and left them lose trust in any potential new relationship. But the spark and chemistry they shared can no longer be ignore after all the years of being suppressed. I love it that by halfway through the book they officially together.

Velvet is my favorite heroine in this series for now. Even though she is a stripper, she is one independent, self sufficient woman who had a future planned for herself. While working as a stripper, she is also getting an education in order to start her own beauty business. What I like most is how she always stand by Nash, even though he might act like an ass sometimes. Although she spit fire at him, she also believes in him and always there when he need her most.

The reason this is not a 5 stars read is because I feel that the MC aspect of the book is quite weak. I don't see Nash doing actual work for the club itself. I only see a lot of discussion between him, Scott and J, but didn't see any action at all. Scott's half brother Blade is one intriguing character that had been hyped up by Nina. My expectation is definitely gonna be high when I read Slay next.

Rating 4/5