Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: Prick ( A Step Brother Romance #1 ) by Sabrina Paige

Prick by Sabrina Paige

I can't stop thinking about that prick.

Caulter Sterling is a prick.

A filthy-mouthed, womanizing, crude, spoiled, arrogant prick.

The tattooed, pierced, panty-melting-hot son of a celebrity.

I hate him.

He's slept his way through practically every girl at Brighton Academy.

Except for me.

I'm the good girl. The responsible girl. The 4.0, class president, studied-so-much-she-never-lost-the-big-V girl.

And in celebration of graduation and adulthood, I just made the worst decision in the history of ever.

I lost my V-card to the devil himself.

It was just one night. So what if it was mind-blowing? Hit it and quit it.

Except I just found out that my father - the Senator, the Presidential hopeful - is marrying Caulter's mother. Oh, and this summer? We're hitting the campaign trail.

One big happy family.

I'm totally f**ked.




An enjoyable smutty read complete with a sweet HEA. I adore it!

Caulter Sterling had a sterling reputation as the man-whore. I love his crude, filthy mouth. He just love goading Katherine with his dirty persona. 

Katherine Harrison is the uptight princess, daughter of a Senator. Well, after she decided to let Caulter punched her V card, she is having a hard time controlling her lustful feelings around her future step-brother.

There isn't anything profoundly emotional between these two, but I find myself enjoy their flirty and hateful banter very much.

Caulter is the kind of guy you love and hate at the same time, but in the end you still rooting for him to get the girl. 

I'm surprised how much as I enjoyed Prick, is the kind of book that make you smile, laugh and wet your panties throughout the short time frame.

Rating 4/5