Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: Love in a Small Town ( Pine Harbour #1 ) by Zoe York

Love in a Small Town by Zoe York

Six years. Two break ups. One divorce. They should be over each other.

Police officer and army reservist Rafe Minelli knows better than to tell his wife no, particularly since they aren't married anymore. She can’t hightail it out of town, though, not when they’ve finally broken through the post-divorce cold war status quo.

Olivia Minelli needs to leave Pine Harbour. It’s just too hard to see Rafe moving on without her—even if he says he doesn’t want to. But when a new and exciting job falls into her lap, she needs to choose: protect her heart, or take the new job and risk getting emotionally entangled with her ex-husband. Again.




Six years. Two break ups. One divorce. They should be over each other.

I always love a good small town romance and this is another that I really enjoyed. 

Olivia and Rafe married six years ago and divorced for two years, but they still very much a big part of each other lives due to living in such close proximity. It also didn't help moving on easier with Rafe showing up at her diner three times a week. 

We have a little snippet of flashback of how their marriage fell apart over time. It felt realistic and something that I believe easily happened to every married couple out there. 

They never lack passion and still very much in love. Their problem lies with their inability to compromise in everyday life and lack of understanding. So declaring those magic words 'I still love you' and 'I can't move on' will never solve their problem. I'm naturally curious to see how they can finally accept their difference and repair their relationship. 

Seeing Rafe being such a dear, trying to win his ex-wife back makes me adore him. Olivia was having difficulty giving in because Rafe is still very much the same workaholic man despite his undying love for her. She never questioned his love, she only question his ability to be a better husband. 

I felt like I miss the part where Olivia suddenly decided to give Rafe a second chance during Halloween Day. What triggers it? I know she start to enjoy her new job and being content, but it was not clearly explain well there. I love seeing how they each try to be better from before and make their marriage work again. Rafe didn't turn all perfect, but you simply will appreciate his effort. 

The ending is really satisfying. The little bit of drama from Rafe work add in more swoon moment. I totally dig the whole vulnerable man scene. Although I feel the thing with Olivia future job prospect was not tied up neatly, I'm too happy with their HEA to care about it. 

Rating 4/5