Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review: Leave a Trail ( Signal Bend #7 ) by Susan Fanetti

Leave a Trail by Susan Fanetti

The Night Horde used to be sure of their place in this world. Now, following a harrowing confrontation with the vicious leader of a notorious drug cartel, they are weakened in body and spirit, and they no longer have the unwavering support of the citizens of Signal Bend. They must fight to reclaim the goodwill of their town and their own sense of purpose.

Justin 'Badger' Ness is struggling both physically and mentally with the price he paid for his place in the brotherhood of the Night Horde. That which gives him the most strength is becoming his personal demon. He is in danger of losing sight of what is good and real in the world.

Adrienne Renard is lost between the life she thought she wanted and an endless world of possibilities. The stepdaughter of Showdown Ryan, the club VP, comes to Signal Bend out of concern for her friend, worried about Badger’s increasing distance, but she stays to find her own place in a life she never knew she wanted.

Together Badger and Adrienne learn that trust—in each other and in themselves—is where strength truly lies. Without trust, there can be no atonement, no forgiveness. It’s a lesson the Night Horde and the town of Signal Bend must learn, as well.




I wonder should I rate this if I only read the epilogue for Isaac and Lilli. The great thing is, the epilogue can read as a novella because it was almost 133 pages. 

Isaac and Lilli is the power couple for Signal Bend series and since it all started with them, I need this to get some closure for the series that I love.

The reason that pushed me to read this is because I read some spoiler in Strength & Courage in regards to what happened to Isaac. Of course I'm curious after that. 

I enjoyed seeing how Isaac and Lilli overcome the hard time together since Isaac was convicted.  The whole waiting and reunion scene was absolutely fantastic. I'm glad I finally read it.

Rating -/5