Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review: Shadow & Soul ( The Night Horde SoCal #2 ) by Susan Fanetti

Shadow & Soul by Susan Fanetti

Michael “Demon” Van Buren is an enforcer with the Night Horde SoCal. He is a man tormented by his past, by the beast that lurks in his soul. He wants nothing more than to have love and a family, to be a good father to his young son, to have a home. But the experiences of his life have warped him, and he despairs of ever having, or deserving, the chance.

Demon met Faith Fordham when they were young—when she was quite young. The daughter of the former club’s Sergeant at Arms, Faith set her sights on the Prospect with the romance-hero eyes, and she didn’t care that her father, and her age, had made her off limits. As captivated by her as she was by him, and a slave to his impulses, Demon, too, ignored the dangers of loving the SAA’s forbidden daughter. 

It ended in the only way it could. They were torn apart, lost to each other. Losing everything.

Ten years later, Faith comes home to a place she’d never lived, and Demon, darker now than ever, is there.




I wonder how Susan Fanetti do it. She has a new book out every 2 months (which lead to me spending an obscene amount of money on her compare to other authors that published once a year) and yet every single one of her work is at least a solid 4 stars for me (ok, except for Pagano series, which is not my cuppa). I know everyone had different taste when it comes to the characters, but for me some of the couples that she wrote lack a certain 'WoW' factor. I mean we can't be having everyone as awesome as Isaac and Lilli, right? Shadow & Soul featuring Demon and Faith once again showed that why I should be sticking with this author. This might be the one that I truly love since I readAll the Sky

Forbidden love, second chances, past, present... 

I knew I'm gonna love Demon since I first met him in Muse's book. He is the guy with an uncontrollable temper and prone to violence. When his face start looking red, it means he is gonna detonate. I'm imagining a red version Incredible Hulk. During the last book, he was trying to gain custody of his toddler son from his drug addict ex-girlfriend.

Faith, the woman from his past came back to town to take care of her estranged, but ailing mother. Once these two soulmates met again after a decade, it brought back the old memories...

10 years ago, Faith, 16, daughter of Blue, a MC member. While Demon, 21, a new prospect. She is the forbidden fruit, but despite warning from Blue, they both can't seems to stay away from each other. The young love ended in heartache, loss, misery.

Their past and present was intervene flawlessly in between the chapters. I read the past with a huge sense of foreboding because we already know is gonna be awful for this young couple. I enjoyed the present very much because of how accepting Faith and Demon are with each other. It was as if the decade they were separated never happened. 

"We were wrong before, but maybe we can be right now. I love you, Faith. I never stopped. I don't know how you feel, but - "
"I love you, stupid. I never stopped, either"

I know Demon sounds like a violent man, but when he was unprovoked and sober, he is actually a quiet, shy and vulnerable man. We learned more about Demon's childhood and his friendship with Muse. Learning about Demon's background gave us a clearer idea of why he turned out to be the way he is now. We also knew that he and Muse were tight previously, but now we understand more on their history. This book make me love Muse even more. 

Faith was having a lot on her plate as well, dealing with her conflicting feelings in regards of her mother. Learning that Demon had a son with another woman was also a lot to take in. I think she handled everything very well despite the circumstances. She loves Demon flaws and all.

"I'm not afraid of you, Michael. You're not a demon. You're a man - a scarred man with a beautiful heart."

I have to admit I'm not overly excited about Nolan's book next because I'm usually not a fan of the younger MC heroes. I prefer them at least in 30s. And seeing as who Nolan's father was, it guarantee going to dig up all the feelings that I rather left buried.

Rating 5/5